James Corden Should Never Be in Charge of a Fashion Show (Video)

Or even assist someone else in charge of a fashion show

And later, addressing the runway models and various backstage gophers, he went with: “We’re all at work, work, work, work, work. I don’t want to see anybody fired, fired, fired, fired fired.”

Not bad, though that one was, of course, right there.

Later, when Corden tries (and miserably fails) to insert himself into the model lineup, Rihanna nearly dies of laughter simply looking at his headshot among the real beautiful people.

“Is this what you look like on Tinder or something? What is that?!?” she barely got out between geniune cackles. “That is not your neckline! That is not your jawline!”

As it turns out, of all the things Corden is bad at — and believe us, there are lots of them — makeup is probably his worst skill. But at least he and Hector had a good time in and around the real professional’s chair.

You know who probably did not have as much of a good time with James? Stephen Galloway, the fashion show’s creative movement director. (Basically, he’s the guy who tells the models how to walk.)

Corden pretty swiftly makes the models unlearn all of Galloway’s actually good instruction, and throws in some dopey catwalk poses fit for “Zoolander 3.”

Your thoughts on the finished product, Rihanna? “I f—ing hate it,” she said.

Watch the video above.

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