James Spader height: How tall is The Blacklist star?

The Blacklist: NBC announce return with gripping teaser

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James Spader is the actor behind the knowledgeable criminal that is Red Reddington. He handed himself over to the FBI, helping them catch some of the criminals on his blacklist, so he could work alongside Agent Liz Keene (played by Megan Boone). While everything changed in season eight, Red is still eager to catch the bad guys.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Blacklist.

Terminally ill Red ordered Liz to shoot him at the end of series eight so she could take over his blacklist and keep safe.

But fans were left in shock when she was murdered herself outside a restaurant just before she could pull the trigger.

Two years on and Red is still shaken up by what happened but continues to dedicate his life to finding out what went on.

Season nine episode nine saw the former fugitive discover someone else was involved in her killing and is not going to stop until he gets his revenge.

How tall is The Blacklist star James Spader?

Actor James Spader has starred in The Blacklist from the very beginning, taking on the lead role of Red.

According to the 61-year-old actor himself, he is is 5ft 10in which is equivalent to around 1.8m.

Back in 2015, Spader was Ultron in the Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It was during an interview seven years ago that the actor brought up his height.

Spader explained: “So right from the very first moment I arrived there, I could start getting a sense of what sort of physicality would be appropriate for that 8ft robot.

“And there was a guy there, quite small, who would’ve been proportionate to my height.

“I’m five-ten. He was very small. Sort of proportionate height to what, you know, not Chris Hemsworth.

“But maybe an average height Avenger might be in proportion to me if I was 8ft tall.”

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In comparison to some of his co-stars on The Blacklist, Spader is average height.

Canadian actor Diego Klattenhoff who plays FBI Agent Donald Ressler is reportedly the same height at 5ft 10in, according to Celeb Heights.

Meanwhile, Dembe actor Hisham Tawfiq has previously mentioned on Twitter that he is 6ft so is the tallest cast member.

While fans have been enjoying season nine, they are going to have to live without it for a few weeks.

The Blacklist usually airs every Thursday but this won’t be the case from now on.

The NBC drama is taking a hiatus during the Winter Olympics and won’t be returning until next month.

But when it is back on our screens, The Blacklist will be shown on a Friday, airing episode 10 on Friday, February 25.

The Blacklist season 9 is available to watch on NBC in America. A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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