Jason Momoa Returns as Khal Drogo and Really Hams It Up on 'Saturday Night Live'

Aquaman is coming to theaters later this month, so there’s no better time for Jason Momoa to make his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. You may not know this, but Jason Momoa is a bit of an SNL nerd, and he was positively giddy with excitement when he walked out on the stage in Studio 8H. Actually he was pretty giddy the week leading up to that moment too.

The result was Jason Momoa giving a hosting turn along the same lines as when Dwayne Johnson returns to SNL, and we ended up with a generally hilarious episode. But if you were hoping for an Aquaman sketch, you’ll mostly be disappointed. However, the monologue comes close to giving us an Aquaman sketch. You’ll see what we’re talking about below.

So let’s run through the best and worst sketches of the Jason Momoa hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Elf on the Shelf – The Elf on the Shelf has become a magical Christmas tradition to instill the belief of Santa Claus in kids, but as those kids get older, the elves on the shelves start to see some pretty weird shit. In this case, Jason Momoa is really just exasperated about what his kid is doing now that he’s 13, and he’s really like a new kid. This is one of those sketches that they’ll start playing during the SNL Christmas Special that airs each year.

Day of the Dorks – Man, Jason Momoa channeled John Belushi in this sketch so well, at least if John Belushi was a muscular monster instead of just a loud goofball. In this parody of Revenge of the Nerds, the douchebag fraternity is trying to figure out how to stop The Dorks from beating them in the big Olympiad competition, and Jason Momoa’s suggestions as the giant, dimwitted Beef are a little worrisome.

First Impression – Lord knows how many women fainted when they saw the Dadbod version of Jason Momoa. Honestly, that’s a big part of why this sketch is so good. It’s so hilarious to see Jason Momoa made up as a 50-something father and desperately trying to find his daughter’s boyfriend, who has inexplicably started a game of hide and seek as a first impression. It’s a weird sketch, but it’s damn funny too.

Trump Brothers Bedtime

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