Jimmy Fallon tests Jason Momoa's Aquaman trident-throwing skills

It’s just some totally casual trident throwing on The Tonight Show. Nothing to see here, folks.

Jimmy Fallon challenged Jason Momoa to a game of Water Wars earlier this year in honor of Aquaman, but, apparently, he decided to take things further. Since the Atlantean superhero’s signature weapon is a giant trident, the late-show host decided to put Momoa’s real-life trident-tossing skills to the test.

As you might’ve guessed, he was found worthy.

Just as Momoa is super into playing Aquaman on the big screen, the Game of Thrones veteran got really into this game. He lost his blazer, shucked his shoes, overturned ottomans, and delivered a booming war chant.

Fallon couldn’t hold it together while introducing the game because Momoa kept circling his competitor. “Where is he? Okay, there you are. Oh my gosh!” he exclaimed in classic Fallon mutterings. “I swear to God, every second I feel like he just might snap one of these days and that’s how it ends for me.”

Momoa is also hosting this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live and he’s super into that, based on the recent promos. Maybe more trident throwing is in the near future.

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