Josie Gibson bitten by pig as This Morning farm visit goes horribly wrong

This Morning 's Josie Gibson is never afraid of an adventure, having scaled rollercoasters and dived with sharks on the ITV daytime show in the past.

However, the 35-year-old former Big Brother star expected today's gig to be rather more hassle-free, as she visited a cute Buckinghamshire pig farm.

Much to her horror, things went badly wrong when a pig suddenly bit her live on camera, leaving her yelping in pain.

Before the competition segment, host Eamonn Holmes warned: “Don't let Josie know that pigs bite."

The camera then panned to Josie inside the pig-pen, holding a hairbrush in her hand as she sat in the muck amongst a swarm of piglets.

Waving at the camera, she remarked: "Good morning Eamonn, good morning Ruth, I’m down at Kew Little Pigs in… ow!"

A pig suddenly bit down on Jodie's hand, as she howled in pain before quickly regaining her composure.

Determined as ever, Josie tried her best to continue with the segment, but another hungry pig bit her hand again moments later.

She said: "In Amersham, where apparently, where I also just got bitten by a pig. Petting pigs is really really good for…"

Yelping yet again, she stood up and pointed at a pig, saying: "He bit me!"

Watching the segment live from the ITV studios, Eamonn pointed out he had warned her, saying: "I told you!"

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers were conflicted by the pig-biting scene – while some were concerned for poor Josie, others were left chuckling.

"What is that pig doing to Josie," one shocked viewer wondered.

Another, referencing the outrageous gigs Josie signs up for on This Morning, added: "Josie gets all the glamour work."

While a third chimed: "Bitten by a pig. Lol. Does she not know the phrase never wok with children or animals? #ThisMorning."

Later, Ruth Langsford quipped about the pigs chomping down on her hubby Eamonn, after he remarked: "They could feed off us for a long time, couldn’t they?"

As cheeky as ever, Ruth replied: "They’d have a veritable feast with you."

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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