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Josie Gibson reveals incredible transformation going from a size 18 to a 12 in just nine weeks

The Big Brother star has been working hard to lose weight since giving birth to son Reggie in September 2018.

Blonde Josie announced her fitness update on social media showing off just how far she had come in nine weeks.

The reality TV star wrote: “Bye bye back fat!!! Sorry you have to see this! I’m so nearly there, I have my waist back and it feels amazing.

“I only want to be a size 12!! I haven’t put a lot of pressure on myself and I have not exercised like I used to but It’s coming off. Big thanks to the @dotheunthinkableuk team!! I’ve been having meals delivered and it works out £1.90 a meal with training plans to follow (which I’ve been a bit shit at) But I’ve gone from a Size 18 – 12/14 in 9 weeks (I had birthday and christmas off!) oi oi has to be done.”

Her fans rushed to congratulate her and praise the star on how far she had come.

One wrote: “You look fab”

While another complimented: “Looking fantastic keep up the good work size 12 is amazing.”

One user gushed: “You look mega and such a role model for us mums.”

Blonde Josie has made no secret of her weight battles and famously dropped from a size 20 to a size 8 six years ago.

In 2016 the 33-year-old had surgery to remove 6lb of excess skin left from the staggering weight loss.

But the star admitted she had relaxed her strict diet after finding love with Reggie’s dad, Terry, 49.

Sadly the couple split just four months after their son was born and Josie has been working hard to gain her pre-pregnancy figure

Sharing her progress on social media the reality star uploaded a photo back in January to kick start her diet.

Wearing black and white gym clothes, Josie let everything hang out and revealed she was starting her weight loss journey at just over 16 stone.

She wrote: “So here I am at my starting weight, I honestly didn’t want to look like a munter which is why I actually did my make up….it just naturally happened.

“I am a big size 18 here. I am squeezing into a stretchy size 16, not because I wanted the picture to be more horrendous than it is because knowing I was going to be losing weight I was too tight to buy an 18/20.”

“This was 6 maybe 7 weeks ago obv before I started the @dotheunthinkableuk Plan. I was 227lb which is just over 16stone. Im 5.11 so I think that’s saved me a little but I can’t believe I got here. I can’t even really blame it on my pregnancy as Reggie was only 4lb!!!”

Josie revealed to OK! magazine the dramatic entrance to the world Reggie James made four weeks before his due date.

She said: "My waters broke during a dance off … I started really sweating and I said to [Lydia Bright's mum Debbie]: ‘I hope my waters haven’t broken.’ Everyone laughed. I went to the toilet and was concerned, but Lydia said: ‘It’ll only be discharge.’

"I had an appointment with the midwife the next day and they asked if I’d had any leakage. I told them and they assessed me.

"Basically his head was up high, but when I was sl*t-dropping, he spun around and dropped into my womb, creating a hole in my bag [amniotic sac]. They had to get him out because of risk of infection."

She went on: "I was induced for two days and got no sleep, but my contractions just stopped so they gave me a C-section.

"Reggie was born 5lbs 1oz and dropped to 4lbs. I was so scared to touch him and crying all the time. I know he was in the best place, but it was so frightening.

"He was wired up to all these machines and one of the tubes came out and the monitor went flat and made a noise like his heart had stopped. I was shouting for the nurse, but a tube had just fallen out.

"It was the best feeling in the world when we got to leave. The staff were so good. I can’t thank them enough. He might not have been with us if they hadn’t taken him to the ward when his blood sugar dropped."

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