Katie Price's iconic pink Range Rover on sale for £18k after she was sick in it during drink drive arrest

KATIE Price's famous pink Range Rover is on sale for £18,995 after she was sick in it during her drink-drive arrest.

The 42-year-old star had the attention-grabbing vehicle repossessed in 2019 in her bankruptcy battle.

It has previously been listed for sale for a staggering £60,000 – enduring quite the price cut in its newest advertisement.

The car is now priced at just under £19k on Auto Trader, who boast in the spec about it being a "celebrity car".

The 2011 automatic five-seater is also listed as having seven previous owners, and described as being in "immaculate condition".

It has had the wheels, exhaust, and pedals changed to aluminium and "everything has been re-upholstered" – which would come as a relief to prospective buyers after Katie vomited during her drink-drive arrest back in October 2018.

Katie was convicted of being nearly twice the legal limit while in charge of the Range Rover at the time.

The description goes on: "The car arguably has a minor celebrity status of its own, thanks to many appearances in the tabloid papers.

"The Ranger Rover has been well looked after."

It comes complete with TVs and a DVD player with headphones, as well as a private licence plate.

The flashy motor previously ended up at a car auction and was sold to a used car dealership in Essex.

A witness at the dealership said: “It’s a very striking car but we didn’t know straight away that it belonged to Katie Price.

“But then one of the buyers told us that it was hers. We couldn’t believe how filthy it was.”

During Katie's drink-drive trial, PC Jones told Bexley Magistrates' Court that he approached the car to find Katie in the back of the vehicle, while her then-boyfriend, Kris Boyson, was in the passenger seat.

He said at the time: "Her eyes were blood shot and her speech was a bit slurred. Although she was sitting, it was in a slumped position. I could smell alcohol. In my opinion she was drunk."

He clarified she seemed "very" drunk, adding: "I also noticed what appeared to be sick on the outside of the car."

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