Lady Gaga dazzles in white wedding dress in scene for new movie House of Gucci

LADY Gaga’s whiter than white before embarking on a murderous marriage in new film House of Gucci.

The singer, 35, plays Patrizia Reggiani, later jailed for arranging the killing of fashion boss hubby Maurizio Gucci, portrayed by Adam Driver, 37.

Filming for the white wedding took place in Rome, Italy, on Thursday.

Gaga has conquered the charts and now she’s making her mark on the world of Champagne.

The pop star looked out of this world posing up a storm for her collaboration with Dom Pérignon.

The hitmaker can be seen in the promotional image holding a 2006 vintage sparkling rosé in a deep purple-tinted bottle.

Recently Lady Gaga's dog walker Ryan Fischer, who was shot by dognappers last month, was finally released from hospital.

He revealed his hospital stay kept being extended because one of his lungs kept collapsing, and he eventually had to have a part of it removed.

Gaga's beloved pooches, Gustav and Koji, were nabbed by armed thieves from the star's dog walker Ryan, while he was out walking them last month.

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