Lily James and Sebastian Stan Look Exactly Like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the Photos From Their Show

Every streaming company out there right now is hopping on the biopic bandwagon, and Hulu is just the latest. The streaming giant is in the middle of filming Pam & Tommy, based on actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s tempestuous romance (anyone remember a certain sex tape leak?). And TBH… the photos slowly emerging from the set actually look, dare I say, good.

Maybe it’s because of who’s slated to portray the ’90s couple, or maybe it’s because the details coming about about the series are just too damn juicy not to share. Either way, viewers are about to get a taste of the rock and roll life. Here’s what we know about the upcoming series.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan are playing the titular roles.

Okay… Initially, I wasn’t sure what to make of this. But after Sebastian and Lily posted photos of them dressed as their characters, it’s hard not to see them as their real-life counterparts! Give the hair and makeup artists ALL the awards.

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Kudos to these two for undergoing complete transformations and bringing the blonde bombshell/bad-boy drummer vibes to life.

Oh, and Seth Rogen is in the show too.

Yes, one of Twitter’s favorite comedians is executive producing the series and starring as Rand Gauthier, the former electrician and porn star most famous for stealing and releasing the couple’s sex tape. But IDK where Seth is in this inside look from the set, because he’s almost unrecognizable. With the long-sleeved polo shirt, high-waisted light-wash denim shorts, an old-school mullet (LOL, what?) and knee-high socks? Well, he’s a walking fashion disaster… and I mean that in the best way.

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The show will focus on the couple’s romance.

According to Deadline‘s official announcement back in December 2020, the limited series will start from their quickie wedding, following them through their sex tape scandal, the birth of their two sons (Brandon was born in 1996, Dylan in 1998), up until Tommy’s six-month stint in jail after a violent confrontation between the couple. I’m honestly not so sure if I’m prepared to re-live that era of tabloid drama, but… c’est la vie!

It looks like Pam and Tommy’s friends aren’t exactly down for this.

Courtney Love, a long time friend of Pamela, took to Facebook in a since-deleted post to air her thoughts on the show, along with how Lily was portraying the former Baywatch star. According to Vanity Fair, she wrote that the idea of the show is “f**king outrageous,” and she believes the existence of the show at all is bound to cause her friend “complex trauma.”

Until Pamela or Tommy release their thoughts on the series, only time will tell.

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