Lizzo ‘Cried All Day’ Following ‘The Mandalorian’ Cameo Because of This

The ‘About Damn Time’ hitmaker makes use of her Instagram account to reflect on her appearance in the recent episode of the popular ‘Star Wars’ spin-off series.

AceShowbizLizzo‘s cameo on “The Mandalorian” has a huge, sentimental meaning for her. The “About Damn Time” hitmaker makes use of her Instagram account to reflect on her appearance in the recent episode of the hit “Star Wars” spin-off series.

“When I was a young girl my dad introduced me to Star Wars like a rite of passage. The trilogies are his favorite movies and quickly became mine,” Lizzo wrote in the Thursday, April 6 post alongside some pictures of herself with “The Mandalorian” cast members, including baby Yoda.

The singer went on to share her reaction when Jon Favreau, who is the showrunner/head writer and serves as an executive producer for the show, reached out to her for the role. “When Jon Favreau called me and offered the role of The Dutchess I cried all day wishing my dad was still with us cus he’d be so proud.”

Concluding her message, the Grammy-winning musician penned, “Star Wars was a dream I never thought was possible- but thanks to Jon, Bryce, and everyone in the galaxy I am now part of the ever-expanding saga of the stars,” she added. “I am in honorable company and forever grateful. This is The Way…. and May the Force be with you.”

In the sixth episode of the Disney+ show’s season 3, Lizzo played the role of the Dutchess, one of the rulers of Plazir-15. Her character was depicted as the wife of Jack Black‘s Captain Bombardier, a former Imperial officer who became enamored of the Duchess when he was exiled to Plazir.

The two later encountered Mando, Grogu, and fellow Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze. Grogu quickly warmed them up as the Baby Yoda knockoff used the Force to help Lizzo win a lawn game involving tossing creatures through a series of hoops.

In addition to Lizzo and Jack Black, the episode featured another famous cameo. Christopher Lloyd made an appearance as the planet’s security Commissioner, Helgait, who is tasked with overseeing the repurposed battle droids, who have been reduced to valets. However, the Commissioner inkered with some of the droids so they malfunctioned as he’s loyal to the Sith Count Dooku. Lizzo discovered the act and exiled him, but things ended with a happy ending.

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