Loose Womens Brenda Edwards demands The Crown to be delayed

The Crown: Netflix tease fifth season in tense trailer

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On Thursday’s (October 13) instalment of Loose Women, the panellist spoke about the upcoming series of Netflix’s The Crown which is set to air next month. With the fifth season of the drama heavily focused on the split of King Charles and Princess Diana, there are questions about whether it should be delayed out of respect for the new monarch. Sharing her thoughts on the subject, Brenda warned the wounds are still fresh for the Royal Family.

The upcoming series of The Crown teased fans last month with a glimpse at what they can expect to see in The Netflix show.

In a brief 37-second clip, it revealed the fifth season will heavily focus on the royal split of Prince Charles and Princess Diana back in 1992.

It’s also set to include his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles as she’s referred to as a “long-time female friend” within the trailer.

However, as the new monarch and newly appointed Queen Consort are settling into their new roles following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, people are questioning if the new series should be delayed.

Panellist Charlene White informed viewers the fifth season of The Crown will uncover some painful details about the marriage of Charles and Diana during their separation.

Wanting to get her colleagues’ thoughts on the subject, she asked fellow co-star Brenda if she thinks the show should be postponed.

Brenda replied: “Out of respect I think it should. Things are still fresh, the wounds are open and you’re just literally pouring that salt into the wounds.

“I just think, a few months or next year you know, once they’re settled in, it wouldn’t hurt! It wouldn’t hurt.”
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