Loose Womens Denise Welch makes candid marriage admission

Loose Women: Denise recalls meeting husband

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Former Coronation Street actress Denise Welch appeared on the Loose Women panel with her husband Lincoln Townley on Wednesday’s instalment of the programme. It was Lincoln’s first-ever time on the ITV show and the couple candidly addressed being in a “dark place” when they first met more than a decade ago. 

Denise began by telling viewers she and her husband had a bumpy start “in the press” as they were both drinking heavily. 

“It was a dark place in our lives as you girls were witness to and there were a lot of people who didn’t give us any hope,” she added. 

“But 12 years later we have an incredibly happy marriage and I think it would be fair to celebrate that.” 

Lincoln, who is a self-taught painter, met Denise in a nightclub at 6am and they went on to get married in Portugal. 

The pair starred in the BBC programme Unbreakable together where they had to undertake challenges, such as bungy jumping together, to strengthen their bond. 

Lincoln said: “There are a lot of elements about our relationship on the show you haven’t seen yet. 

“There are so many different challenges and trials that we do but this is why we are together.” 

When asked if taking part in the reality programme made him feel closer to his spouse, Lincoln replied: “Yes, I loved the challenges.”

Reflecting on meeting Denise when he was struggling with alcoholism, he explained: “We were in the same sort of space when we met at a nightclub. 

“These things hardly ever blossom into what we have got but I saw the foundation for us to work together on being sombre.”

Denise chimed in and candidly admitted: “We were going to lose each other.” 

Lincoln continued: “This is something we battled with, to begin with, and I said, ‘Right we need to stop drinking and doing drugs.’

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“That’s as simple as it gets, but it was a big thing at the time.” 

He later said he knew he had to give up his addictions as they were causing him problems with anxiety. 

Denise interjected: “I didn’t think I had much of a problem, as alcoholics don’t.

“You don’t even have to be at rock bottom, if you’re in a couple where one drinks and one doesn’t it’s irritating.” 

She later said their children helped them get sober and the husband and wife are now looking forward to becoming grandparents. 

Before they left the studio, the Loose Women stars asked the pair to pucker up for the show’s kiss cam. 

Lincoln got embarrassed and jokingly threatened to walk off, but he later agreed to kiss Denise on the ITV programme. 

Loose Women airs on weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV. 

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