Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha shakes her cellulite in furious rant at 'diet culture b******s'

LOOSE Women's Nadia Sawalha shook her cellulite in a video as she railed against what she called "diet culture b******s".

The 56-year-old star – praised for her honest posts about her body after Christmas – said she used to be "utterly ashamed" of her legs.

However, she posted the footage, which she first shared in 2019, to strike a blow for body-positivity writing: "UNASHAMEDLY MY CELLULITE ! ALL MINE !!!"

She explained that until she shared the footage she had felt shame about having cellulite.

Nadia wrote: "How ?ING ridiculous is that !!! ASHAMED of dimples ?????

"The reason I’m reposting this today is because I’m really ?ING angry about all the fake ass air brushed over lit , photos all over social media at the moment promoting diet culture b******s !

"Messing with women’s minds ! Messing with our daughters minds !!

"The brilliant @em_clarkson posted a pic yesterday taht truly shocked me ! It was of @gigihadid and @kendalljenner and they had , had their knees airbrushed OUT!!!! WTF ??

"Are knees now something we are supposed to be ashamed of too !!

"Come 2025 could our daughters be booking in for knee removals for their January new you need body ?!!!!

"Don’t laugh ??? It seriously could happen ? A few years ago bum implants were unthinkable !!!

"Things will only change when we stop buying into these crazy narratives There is no magical cure for cellulite . Detox is b******s .

"Not every body is supposed to be a size ten. We need knees to stand up. FFS it all has to stop !"

Nadia left fans in hysterics after Christmas when he joked she had a 'food baby', lifting up her top and flashing her bloated tummy.

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