Lorraine Kelly’s ‘rude shirt’ wardrobe blunder spotted by her co-star on show

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Lorraine Kelly's "rude" shirt was in the firing line on Thursday's show, as Andi Peters hosted a fashion feature in honour of the ITV host.

Last month, Lorraine left fans baffled when she wore a pale pink blouse, which featured a pattern of printed zebras.

Certain viewers were convinced the zebras were engaged in an X-rated act, as they took to Twitter to discuss the shirt.

Remembering the wardrobe mishap this week, Andi hosted a pretend awards ceremony known as the ANDIs on the show.

He crowned Lorraine's shirt, with the "overly-friendly" zebras, as her best outfit of all time, even sending her a gold trophy.

Lorraine took the joke in good humour, remarking: "I'd like to thank the zebras!"

The striking shirt made its debut on January 20, with one Twitter user writing: "Love Lorraine, but have been distracted by the zebras on her shirt. Looks like they’re having a good time."

Comments from viewers caught the attention of the ITV team, with Lorraine eventually addressing the unconventional pattern on her blouse.

She said: "I can see many of you been talking about my shirt.

"Amy on Twitter pointed out that the zebras look like they're having a good time."

Bursting into laughter as the camera zoomed in on the print, she exclaimed: "They look like they are frolicking."

Earlier in the morning, Andi hosted another ANDIs prizegiving on Good Morning Britain, awarding Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard with dongs of their own.

Andi cataloged Susanna's best eye rolls of all time on the show, sharing footage of three times she'd rolled her eyes during interviews.

He chose one particularly hard-hitting eye roll, which showed her scoffing at co-star Piers Morgan, as the overall winner.

The camera then rolled to show Susanna's face live in the studio, her mouth falling open in shock.

Andi declared: "And the award goes to… the Piers Morgan eye roll! Well done Susanna. Nobody does eye rolls better than you."

Lorraine airs on weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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