Love Island fans are CONVINCED Molly-Mae Hague has a game plan to win the show

Love Island fans are convinced Molly-Mae Hague, 19, is attempting to stir up trouble with the other couples so she and her boyfriend Tommy Fury, 20, can win the show and bag the £50K prize.

The criticism comes after Molly-Mae was seen in last night’s show expressing doubt on Anton Danyluk, 24, and 21-year-old Belle Hassan’s relationship.

Molly-Mae told Belle she’d be “worried” if she “already had a big fight” with the person she was coupled up with, after Belle and Anton argued on Sunday night’s episode.

Molly-Mae said: “Are you not worried this early on? I just wanted to make sure.

"When things blew up between you and him, you were pointing out all the qualities you don't like about him.

"I don't want you to brush that all under the carpet.”

Belle explained to Molly-Mae she and Anton were “closer” after the argument and said she “may have overreacted”.

But, Molly still wasn’t convinced telling viewers in the Beach Hut: “It was so weird to see how upset Belle and Anton were with each other last night and look over at the fire pit this morning and see them hugging and making up.

"I genuinely thought they wouldn't be getting back together, they were finished."

Molly was also seen to be telling fellow contestants that Anton gave his number to a shop assistant while out buying food to cook dinner for the islanders – something that the boys initially tried to keep under wraps.

Once Tommy told Molly what had happened, she was seen telling Anna as soon as Tommy walked away.

Molly’s actions have not gone down well by fans of the show, who suspect she’s “playing a game”.

One person tweeted: “Im starting to think molly-mae is playing a game, hear me out! she’s all happy gf w tommy, so theyre pretty much safe right! so she clearly felt threatened by belle and anton so she tried breaking them up by sayin u can do better etc after their argument. [sic]”

Another fan added: “Anton was right when he said molly mae is playing games and we can clearly see that now coz she see belle and anton as a threat.. [sic]”

And one other fan said: “Molly Mae tryna secure that 50k by talkin shit about every couple.”

One fan tweeted a theory which read: “Imma just put this out there:Molly Mae has a game plan, doesn't seem THAT into Tommy… Brought the teddy to make her look like a softie/more likeable. Stirring and planting seeds with the Anton/Belle situation cause she wants to be the only "strong" couple..”

This isn’t the first time Molly has been accused of having a game plan, during a challenge earlier in the series a tweet was read out which said: “Nah Tommy deserves more than Molly-Mae she doesn’t like him, she likes 50K”.

After the challenge, Molly said she was “fuming”.

Speaking in the beach hut Molly added: “I’m annoyed because I just feel like to bring money into it, what am I meant to say? I’m speechless to be honest”.

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