Love Island fans convinced Paige and Finn had sex in the Hideaway and claim her ‘bed head’ is proof – The Sun

LOVE Island fans are convinced Paige and Finn had sex in the Hideaway and claim her "bed head" is proof.

The duo were the first chosen by the other Islanders to spend some alone time in the romantic getaway.

They were supplied with lingerie and white chocolate body paint, as well as a bed covered in rose petals.

While fans got a glimpse of their heart-felt confessions to each other, the cameras cut after the pair shared a cheeky snog.

Both of them remained coy about what went down underneath those covers, but eagle-eyed fans suggested they had sex – and it's all down to the bed hair.

One person wrote: "Paige and Finn definitely had sex in the hideaway, she had the hair"

Another said: "#LoveIsland just encouraging sex to happen in the Hideaway"

A third joked about their encounter: "Imagine having sex under a giant neon sign that says VIBEY. It’d be like having it off with Smashy and or Nicey"

But it wasn't all physical in the bedroom as Paige and Finn both opened up to each other – providing some extra cuteness for the love-starved viewers.

Paige asked: "How many days have you been in here?" to which he replied: "12 days?"

She then says: "And what part of that did you realise you fancied me?"

The footballer replied: "When I said 'hello', did you think you would get this close to me?"

"No. I never really get close," Paige said.

Finn then opened up: "I know it's soppy but now we are so close I can't really imagine day to day in here without you, if that makes sense."

In the morning, Paige and Finn separated to the boys and the girls to say what went down.

Paige told the girls: "I mean, there was kissing…" then made a gesture.

Finn, on the other hand, had more to say about the emotional side of things: "It was, I just told her like at the minute I would struggle to think of myself in here to not being a couple with her. It's exciting, I'm really happy."

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