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Love Island first look: Will Maura and Curtis couple up?

Curtis Pritchard is the talk of Love Island 2019 fans after he “dumped” Amy Hart last night (Thursday, July 5). Maura Higgins then admitted that she fancied Curtis Pritchard in a first look preview, leading fans to wonder whether the pair will couple up. Love Island 2019 viewers will have to tune in tonight to ITV2 to see if Maura and Curtis become a couple.

Will Maura and Curtis couple up on Love Island?

With a confirmed attraction between them, and Curtis now basically a free agent, it could only be a matter of time before Maura and the ballroom dancer get together.

Back in June, Curtis told Danny Williams he had previously sent Maura Instragram messages she hadn’t replied to.

He said: “Maura, if that’s her name… I messaged saying that she was really good looking at the start of this year.

“She never replied to me, but my head is not turned at all.”


Curtis and Amy had a heart-to-heart last night that saw the pair break up.

This could mean that Curtis’ head is now available to be turned toward the girl he has previously admitted he was attracted to.

However, he could soon retract that statement after Maura admitted an attraction to Curtis.

In a Twitter post giving a first look to tonight’s episode, Maura tells Lucie: “He’s obviously gorgeous.


“His smile is like [word bleeped out] and he’s very manly and I love that.”

The clip ends with her saying: “I want him to teach me how to dance.”

Although the video shows us footage of Curtis, Maura never says his name in the clip.

As such, it is possible that it is not such a simple case of attraction as it seems.


Some fans have been suggesting she could actually be talking about someone else.

One Love Island fan wrote: “I believe Maura was fully talking about Ovie.

“He’s even standing in the frame when she’s speaking. It’s not Curtis at all.”

Fans will have to tune in to Love Island tonight, however, to find out whether Maura and Curtis will move towards recoupling.

Love Island 2019 airs nightly at 9pm on ITV

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