Love Island spoiler: Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard share passionate kiss in bed as romance heats up

Curtis Pritchard picked air hostess to couple up with during the first recoupling of the series, after the pair shared their first kiss during a task.

In a sneak-peek of Thursday night’s episode, Amy and Curtis are seen growing ever closer by the day.

In the Beach Hut, Amy sweetly says of the dancer: “Curtis is such a lovely person and the word I use is sunny.

"He is such a sunny person. He lights up all the rooms he goes into.”

Equally Curtis is catching feelings for the air hostess and in the Beach Hut, he says: “I took her aside tonight. I was going to try and give her a cheeky little kiss but the circumstances were completely wrong. It did not go to plan at all.”

However, Curtis’ luck may be looking up as before the Islanders retire for the night, Amy speaks with the girls and says: “I’m going to instigate the snuggle tonight.”

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She also adds in the Beach Hut “I really fancy Curtis. He’s got a really beautiful little face and a really good body. So, win-win.”

And a teaser clip shows Amy’s plan working out, as she and the ballroom dancer get cosy underneath the covers and lock lips.

Viewers are already gushing over the pair as a couple, with some predicting that they could win the series.

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One viewer gushed over them, saying: “Amy and Curtis. They will win if they get together now #loveisland.”

Another said: “Curtis and Amy are like a old married couple omg I love it #LoveIsland.”

Others said: “Amy and Curtis bonding over old music #LoveIsland” and: “If Curtis and Amy get together I will be a happy women and vote for them every time until they win #loveisland #Curtis #amy.”

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