Love Islands Jess and Eve Gale say intense ITV show is now ruined for them

Love Island twins Jess and Eve Gale explain how the show has been "ruined" for them.

The stunning sisters both starred in the Winter series of the show in 2020 and chatted exclusively to the Daily Star about their time on the ITV dating show.

Jess said: "You know what, it's so weird, and I always say this to people – they always ask me about the whole Love Island experience and I feel like I have really blurred memories of it it was so overwhelming.

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"When we went in there, we were 20, and I was quite naive and when you do go in there it is so much more intense than you think. It's weird now, I can't watch it back the same it is completely changed."

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Eve added: "It's kind of ruined the show a little bit. I definitely don't watch it how I used to watch it. When you're just watching as a viewer who hasn't been in it compared to when you've been on it – I just don't see it as usual Love Island, I watch it differently."

The lovely ladies also opened up about their tiring villa stint.

During a Facebook Live interview with the Daily Star, the sisters expressed how exhausted they both were during their reality show experience.

Eve said: "When you do go in there you realise it is so much more intense."

"It was very intense but I'm happy I did it when I did it," Jess added.

"It was a one-time thing but it is stressful… I'm full-on and intense, we were exhausted afterwards it was tiring."

Showbiz reporter and host Carly Hacon then quizzed the twins: "Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep?"

To which Jess said: "Definitely not."

"Especially because you don't know the time in there either," Jess added.

"You film until late and then you're up late and you can only sleep once the chats are done and you have to do your evening beach hut and in the morning they seem to wake you up early.

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"We were so drained by the end of it."

But what happens when Islanders oversleep?

Jess revealed: "I wish I could have overslept but they force you up and they turn the lights on and say 'morning islanders' and it's so loud and they keep doing it and they get everyone up.

"And if you are still sleeping they will keep buzzing from the tannoy and if you are still asleep producers will come in and get you up."

Eve added: "People forget producers are there in the villa as well… but producers are walking around all the time so they would probably come to get you out of bed."


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