Love Islands Tanya accused of stirring the pot between Jessie and Will

There was more drama afoot in Thursday night’s Love Island as the long awaited Movie Night got underway and revealed exactly what the Islanders had gotten up to while taking part in Casa Amor.

With relationships tested to the max, several indiscretions were soon made public, including Will Young’ s flirty banter with ayla Al-Momani despite being coupled up with Jessie Wynter.

In one particular clip, the pair could be seen in bed together, with Layla’s hand tucked away under the covers, as Will described the situation as feeling quite “naughty.”

Despite his insistence that nothing else happened, fellow contestant Tanya Manhenga was quick to stoke the fires of dissent as she suggested that Layla may have been getting more than a little intimate with Will beneath the covers.

Hinting that this was exactly the case, the boys quickly called her out for “stirring the pot” as Will appeared devastated by the insinuation as he quickly denied any claims that anything untoward had happened.

Fans at home were also quick to call Tanya out for her comments, particularly as she had been far from a saint during her time away during Casa Amor.

“The biggest s**t stirrer there ever was… she’s trying to digress the attention of herself by stirring the pot with others,” commented one fan.

A second also agreed, as they wrote: “Tanya is stirring the pot, bringing the entertainment.”

While a third then commented: “Tanya told Shaq that he needs to mind his business in the beginning now here she is stirring the pot between Will and Jessie.”

One fan felt that it was because Tanya didn’t want anyone else to be happy, while another also weighed in by suggesting it was actually a way for her to deflect from her own behaviour and take the heat away from her straying with someone else.

“Tanya stirring the pot to get the attention away from her,” wrote one viewer.

While another added: “These girls are actually f***ing childish, Tanya is stirring the pot MASSIVELY I cannot do this.”

Following the footage, Will later pulled Jessie to one side as he apologised for his behaviour and acknowledge that he had “f***ed up” before “leaving the ball in her court” to decide whether to pursue a relationship.

In response, Jessie admitted the revelations had been “frustrating” and left her feeling “numb”, before finally admitting that she “wanted to work through this” and see whether their blossoming romance could be saved.

Will the pair manage to go the distance?

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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