'LPBW': Matt Roloff Said Zach Roloff Caught Amy Roloff 'Off Guard' When Saying He'd Buy Roloff Farms

Those who follow Little People, Big World know all about Amy Roloff’s big move off of Roloff Farms. In season 21, fans get to see Amy move into her new place. And it looks like her son, Zach Roloff, might be interested in taking over her side of the Roloff Farms property.

So, how does Amy feel about her son taking over? According to Matt, she wasn’t expecting it. Here’s what happened.

Zach Roloff is considering buying Roloff Farms on ‘Little People, Big World’

It took Amy longer than expected to move out of her home on Roloff Farms. Now on the show, Matt is trying to figure out what to do with her half. And it seems Zach might be willing to step up to the plate and take over.

Zach and his twin, Jeremy, have showed vague interest in taking over Roloff Farms once Amy leaves it all behind. And Zach discussed the option with his wife, Tori Roloff.

“I’m pretty motivated, Tori, to at least be a part in keeping the farm around,” Zach said on Season 21 Episode 5. And he continued on by explaining to the camera that his time in quarantine has given him a “lot of time” to consider what he wants. “I decided I really want to take a bigger role in the farm.”

Later on, Zach introduced the idea to Tori once again — and she didn’t seem sold. But she did like the idea of keeping the farm within the Roloff family so their kids could continue to visit.

Matt Roloff said Zach caught Amy ‘off guard’ with the proposal

Matt, Amy, and Zach all met up at Amy’s farmhouse and discussed the possibility of Zach taking over on episode 5. And it seemed to shock Amy.

“One thing Tori and me talked about, we’ve talked about maybe we can move in here,” Zach told his parents. “Maybe we can be the ones that take over the farm, buy the place.”

The family then discussed Jeremy’s possible involvement, as he also might have interest in taking over the farm. “I don’t see why I couldn’t step up and be in that role too,” Zach added.

“Well, that’s kinda big news,” Amy said. And she then explained to the cameras that Zach wanting to take over Roloff Farms “shocked” her.

Matt also told the show cameras that Zach’s proposal appeared out of left field for Amy. “I think it caught Amy a little off guard because Zach’s not one to, he’s not loud,” Matt mentioned. “He’s kind of quiet about his interest. He didn’t just say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna have interest in taking on the farm.’ He’s actually been doing the work.”

Zach doesn’t want to buy both Matt and Amy’s sides of the property

While Zach might be willing to take on Amy’s side of the property, it seems he still wants Matt to have his. Owning the farm as a whole seems to be more responsibility than Zach desires to have. And he told Tori this while sitting down with her by a campfire on episode 5.

“I would just buy my mom out,” Zach told Tori. “I would not buy my mom and my dad out.”

“That just stresses me, though,” Tori stated. “Like, having it even co-owned by your dad. We have such a good relationship with him, I would hate to see it go south.”

Zach then said that he thinks he could work well with Matt. “I’m OK with being the Robin to his Batman,” he added.

So, will Zach take on Roloff Farms? We’ll have to wait and see!

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