'Mama Medium': What Does It Mean to Be an Empathic Psychic Medium Like Jennie Marie?

Jennie Marie from Mama Medium is TLC’s newest psychic star. This mom of four from Rochester, New York, can communicate both with the dead and those who cannot speak for themselves. (“I see dead people everywhere I go,” she told Good Housekeeping.)

Jennie Marie – who first became aware of her gifts when she was a child — calls herself an “empathic psychic medium.” But what does that really mean, and how is it different from other types of psychic abilities?

What is an empathic psychic medium?

Jennie Marie of TLC’s Mama Medium gives a reading | TLC

Not all psychics work in the same way, and not every psychic is a medium (and vice versa). “Every medium has different gifts, Jennie Marie said in an interview with New York Upstate.

She explained her gifts in more detail during an appearance on People Now. “Empathic means I can feel energy around me, so I can already feel what’s going on with you without having to communicate at all. Psychic means I can see the future. Medium means I talk to passed loved ones.”

Of course, most people can pick up on the emotions of people around them and feel empathy. But that’s not the same as being a psychic empath. As the website Psychic Elements explains:

[A] psychic empath has a rare and special gift of being able to feel the emotions around him or her as if they were their own emotions … This ability is not the same as the normal human ability of feeling empathy for other people. With empathy, people relate to another’s emotions, but they do not feel them as a psychic empath does.

Being a psychic empath is like having a sixth sense, notes the website. “With their sense, psychic empaths feel the emotions running through you, and as you speak, they identify the areas that need healing and guidance.”

Some empaths claim to be able to feel energy from plants or animals. Others might get emotional impressions from physical objects. In Jennie Marie’s case, her psychic empath abilities are combined with her ability to speak to the dead.

“A medium empath feels energy from other dimensions such as ghosts and spirits on the other side,” writes empathic psychic medium Beth Layne on her website. “This type of empathy works hand in hand with mediumship to help decipher what type of entity is in their environment.”

Is Jennie Marie really a psychic medium, or is she faking it?

Many people are skeptical when it comes to psychics. They argue that people who claim to have ESP or the ability to communicate with the spirit world are just savvy readers of people. Yet plenty of people believe that’s it’s possible to see the future and talk to the dead. Three out of 10 Americans say they’ve been in touch with a person who died, a 2009 Pew Research survey found, one in five have been in the presence of a ghost, and 15% have sat down with a fortune teller or psychic.

Jennie Marie (who says she’s a fourth-generation clairvoyant) is aware that while many people believe in her abilities, there are some who aren’t convinced she’s psychic. But she insists she’s the real deal, and says skeptics just need to give her a chance.

“I still say just give me five minutes with them,” she told Good Housekeeping of her skeptics. “I will hit something that will make them walk away and second guess. Even if they won’t admit it to my face, I love challenges. I’m totally okay with that.”

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