Married At First Sight Australia star Jessika claims her ex Mick had secret relationship with Susie in unaired scenes

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power claimed her ex husband Mick Gould had secret relationship with Susie Bradley.

It's fair to say Mick and Jess were not a match made in heaven, and had a disastrous marriage from start to finish.

While on the show, she also had an affair with Dan Webb, who, together with Tamara, arrived midway through the series.

However, Jess has claimed she wasn't the only one swapping partners and that her ex was in fact getting close to Susie.

She told Metro: "Mick told me that he had been texting Susie. And that Susie had come and seen him when he was in his room, to see if he was okay…

"And I brought it up with Susie at the dinner table, even though like I had no leg to stand on. But I’m still a girl, and I’m like, 'B***h…'

"So I brought it up to Susie and I was like, 'So I heard that you were in Mick’s room the other night'."

Jess said that Susie denied that she was getting close to Mick when she confronted her and asked Mick to clear up the misunderstanding.

Despite the drama, the Gold Coast-based star admitted that the scenes never aired because "there was no storyline to it".

Elsewhere, the blonde bombshell recently hit out at UK fans of the show who branded her "vile" for cheating on husband Mick with fellow contestant Dan.

She snogged new boyfriend Filip Poznanovi upside down in a steamy video insisting he sees "the real me" and that she "doesn't give a f***".

She whispered "thank you for helping me" between kisses in the loved-up clip.

The rapper, who goes by the name Filthy Fil, was then shown trying to slide his hands into her top while she lay on top of him.

She met the hunk through her brother Rhyce, explaining that they had known each other for a while before their romance blossomed.

Jessika also posted a picture of Filip kissing her neck in a sensual snap comparing him to a bee attracted to honey.

She wrote: "?? IDGAF what people have to say about me ? so long as he sees the real me thats all that matters."

The pair went public with their new romance last month.

It comes as Jessika comes under fire from Brits for her actions on Married At First Sight Australia.

Mick was shown breaking down in tears as the show aired on E4 last week after finding out Jessika had cheated on him with Dan, who was married to Tamara.

Meanwhile, she was shown looking like she was trying to stifle a smile while he had his head in his hands.

One viewer wrote: "Jess is VILE. Like beyond VILE. Tamara holds and portrays herself exceptionally. Mick crying is breaking my heart."

Another tweeted: "I’d love to wipe that smirk off Jess’s face. Mick's sat crying and she’s sat smirking. Vileeeeeee."

A third wrote: "She's not even sorry that Mick's sat there crying! Hopefully Dan will get an insight into what a cold b***h she is."

Jess appeared on the sixth season of MAFS Australia, which was filmed in 2018 and aired the following year Down Under but has just come onto UK screens.

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