Married at First Sight Star Jamie Otis Says She May Have Found Her Long-Lost Father

Jamie Otis’ family might be expanding in an unexpected way.

The Married at First Sight star, 32, revealed on Instagram on Sunday that she has made progress in what she calls a lifelong search for her father.

In the post, Otis holds up a childhood photo that shows her and her sister sitting in the lap of a man she can’t identify.

“I always wondered if maybe he was my father,” Otis wrote in the caption.

“I have no idea who this man is,” she continued. “My sister and I are sitting on his lap so he must’ve been close to us at some point, right? I thought he and I looked a little bit alike. I HOPED we looked alike.”

Though her mother reassured her that a DNA test with the man in the photo came back negative, Otis admitted that she never stopped wondering about her dad — and she may have found a lead thanks to the two DNA tests she recently purchased, one of which came back with a “close family” match: a woman.

“I’m not certain, but tonight I talked to this woman – who may be my aunt – from my father’s side,” she wrote.

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Otis concluded, “I’ve never, ever been more hopeful.”

It’s been a challenging couple years for the reality star.

In September, five months after announcing that she and husband Doug Hehner were trying to have a baby, Otis revealed that she had suffered a chemical pregnancy, which according to Healthline is “an early pregnancy loss that occurs shortly after implantation.”

“I don’t know why some people have it seemingly SO easy to get preggers & carry their babies to term and others struggle?”

Otis and Hehner share a 16-month-old daughter, Henley Grace.

The Married at First Sight star, had also lost a baby boy in July 2016 at four months along. She opened up on Instagram in September about her desire to keep Johnathan Edward‘s memory alive.

“I’ve heard from people not to let Johnathan’s memory ‘overshadow’ my living daughter, @henleygracehehner,” wrote Otis alongside a family photo gallery. “It made me really take a step back from sharing about him & keeping his memory alive bc the last thing I’d want is to overshadow my daughter.”

But she changed her mind when she realized that she had not posted about her son since July. “It makes me so sad to know I let some people tell me to stop sharing about my son,” Otis explained.

After welcoming her daughter in 2017, Otis exclusively told PEOPLE, “I’m not usually superstitious, but I definitely think Henley was a gift from her big brother.”

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