Meet Your New Favorite Show: A Telenovela With 56 Episodes in the First Season Alone

When I first turned on the Colombian telenovela Her Mother’s Killer, I thought I was pressing play on a regular old soap-y crime story. I had no idea that I was turning on *the* soap-y crime story, the one I now consider the crème de la crème of the genre. This show is about to be your absolute favorite because it truly has everything: A woman who’s suffered a betrayal, a murder she’s now trying to avenge, a bunch of sneaking around/lying… I could keep going. But the best part is that Her Mother’s Killer has a whopping 56 episodes in the first season. Yes. You read that right.

The story follows Analía Guerrero, who’s now a political strategist, as she returns to her native Colombia to avenge the murder of her mother, which happened years prior. The first episode sets the scene and tells the story of how the murder happened, and then the story unfolds from there, showing Analía’s childhood up until the present day. Based on the episode I watched, it’s very twist-y and turn-y.

By the end of episode one I was already invested, because there was 1) a murder that seemed very much like it was going to go unpunished (which is obviously the best way to start any show) and 2) seriously dramatic music at every climactic point. There was always something to keep me occupied while watching. But then, out of curiosity, I went to check to see how long the season was. I was scrolling through the episodes and just… kept scrolling, past 10, past 20, all the way until 56. I thought I was dreaming. Oh, I almost forgot, all the episodes are a full hour long. So that is 56 full hours of TV. Considering many of us are still trying to stay inside our homes the majority of the time, that’s pretty much the most ideal situation you could ask for. Imagine the days you could spend watching this show!!

What makes this show feel different is that now, knowing I have so much more show to work with, I feel like there are so many different ways it could go. You can only cram so many plot twists into a 10-episode season of You. But with 56 episodes, you could do, like, five times the amount of “Oh, shit” moments. And it probably (hopefully) means there’s going to be some seriously good character development, considering they’re doing in one season what other shows do in five. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

Now, this reminds me of the sage life advice I used to apply to day drinking but I’m now applying to this Netflix binge—it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Just because I like this show and know there’s over 50 episodes doesn’t mean I should binge four in a night. No, this is the kind of show you want to last, which is why I will be watching this story unfold one episode at a time, over the next 55 days. See you in two months.

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