Megan Barton Hanson on how she likes to take control in the bedroom and can be 'quite demanding and dominant'

SINCE Love Island, Megan Barton Hanson has not been timid talking about her sex life.

But the 26-year-old once thought of herself as “frigid”, only had sex with her mum’s permission and lied about when she had her first kiss.

She says: “I was in Year Eight at school and I made up a story about how I’d been on a family holiday and I’d kissed a boy who was really cool and older than me.

“All lies. I was like Jay from The Inbetweeners, lying about a first kiss. My school friends are going to read this now and think, ‘I knew it!’.”

Looking hotter than ever in our exclusive photoshoot, influencer Megan reveals she did not get the fuss about sex at first — and actually got more stimulation from horse riding.

Now, with new podcast You Come First in the pipeline and a recent partnership with upmarket sex toy firm LELO, Megan takes us through some of her dating and relationship “firsts”.

And on Monday, she will be dishing out advice on how to have the best sex ever.

She says: “Sex is so important, especially in these times when there’s so much stress about Covid. It’s the one pleasurable activity that doesn’t cost anything.”

Megan, a former stripper, grew up in Southend, Essex, and describes her young self as “painfully shy”.

Talking about her appearance on 2018’s Love Island, she says: “The thought of being in a group of people I’d never met petrified me. I was an introvert.

“I had to really push myself to do the show.

“I was at a crossroads. I’d quit dancing and glamour modelling and thought doing it would increase my profile.

“I was so nervous that my dad had to have a word, and he said, ‘Go, you’ll be fine’. I really grew as a person doing the show.”

‘There was no foreplay, he kept his clothes on’

In the ITV villa she hooked up with model Eyal Booker and later Wes Nelson, who she dated for six months.

She and 22-year-old Wes famously had sex in a disabled loo at Southend Airport in 2018, and The Sun on Sunday put up a cheeky blue plaque to mark the site.

Megan says: “Thank God it wasn’t there for long — my grandparents fly from that airport.

“I was mortified we were caught out. We had really thought it through.

“We gave it a good five minutes after Wes went in before I did and five minutes between leaving separately. Taking things out of the bedroom is fun.”

But while bisexual Megan might come across as a woman who knows what she wants — in and out of the bedroom — she was not always so confident.

She says: “My first actual kiss was with my school boyfriend.

“We would just walk around the playground holding hands and one day, people were like, ‘Go on, kiss!’.

“I was peer-pressured into my first kiss, surrounded by about 30 people. I was petrified. I just let him do the work and I stood there like a goldfish.”

She lost her virginity to her next boyfriend — but only after her mum gave her permission.

Megan, who also appeared on E4’s Celebs Go Dating last year, says: “My mum and I are really open about sex.

“I had braces on my teeth and I remember asking her if it would be OK to do stuff with a boy with my braces.

“She said, ‘Yes, but promise me you’ll wait until you’re 16’.

“It happened about a week before my 16th birthday and I thought, ‘It’s near enough, I haven’t broken my promise to my mum’.

“It wasn’t romantic at all. We were at my best friend’s house.

“She was doing stuff with her boyfriend and I said to the boy, ‘I want to do it now, I’m allowed’.

“He kept his clothes on. I had pretty much all of my clothes on. There was no foreplay, hardly any kissing.”

Megan’s next boyfriend, who she met while she was at college studying to be a legal PA, is the one she thinks of as her first proper relationship.

She says: “He was so awkward with my parents. He would bring beer for my dad, but couldn’t look my mum in the eye over breakfast when he stayed over.

“I was a bit of a s**t because I would try to embarrass him. I’d straddle him then shout, ‘Mum, quick, it’s an emergency’, and he would be wriggling out from under my legs before my mum burst in.”

It was in this relationship that she had her first orgasm.

Megan, who has also partnered with Ann Summers in its Pleasure Positivity Project — a campaign to break down the stigma around women’s enjoyment of sex — says: “When I lost my virginity, I didn’t get what the fuss was about.

“But with this boyfriend, we had much more of a connection and I was more confident by then.” In between the two, Megan started horse riding, which brought an unexpected benefit.

She says: “When I first rode a horse, I thought, ‘This feels good’.

“I’d never felt that tingle before. Every lesson I tried to recreate that feeling, but it never happened. So I was over that hobby pretty quickly.”

After finding out what works for her, Megan took charge in her relationship, and she was comfortable doing it.

She says: “I was really into suggesting different positions. I’m quite demanding and dominant.

“If I go three days without having sex when I’m with someone, I would be worried.” Before Love Island, Megan dated a doorman at the strip club where she was working.

She says: “We had flirted a bit and one night I said to him, ‘What are you doing after work? I think you should come back to mine and we’ll have sex’.

“I found it really empowering to take the lead.”

Megan has also had a year-long on/off relationship with footballer and songwriter Chelcee Grimes, 28, having discovered she liked women after a threesome.

She says: “It happened really naturally with a videographer I was shooting with.

“She asked me back to hers to do some more filming, we started kissing, had a few drinks and invited her boyfriend in. I’d never fancied a threesome because I imagined the girls would just be there for the men’s pleasure.

“But I fancied this girl more than her boyfriend. He was an added bonus. Instead of using a toy, we had a real-life man there!”

Megan — who is in the top ten of celebrity earners on X-rated website OnlyFans by sending bikini pictures to subscribers — is single.

She says: “I was in a big panic before lockdown, thinking, ‘I’m 26, I need to meet someone’.

“Now I feel like I don’t need anyone. I’m in the process of buying my first house.

“If someone came into my life I’d give them a chance, but too many women get into a panic — and that’s when you settle for someone who isn’t right.”

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