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Megan Barton Hanson slams Dancing on Ice viewers for 'attacking her' and saying she looked like a 'scorned ex'

The Love Island stunner, 24, has revealed she felt personally “attacked” by the public and says she only came to the ITV studios to support boyfriend Wes Nelson as he performed for the first time.

And now in an exclusive interview Megan says she went through hell after realising her every move had been scrutinised as she watched Wes from the audience.

She said: “I woke up Monday morning and it felt like I was being attacked.

“I sat there during the show and I was so happy for him and it must have been 0.2 seconds that my face was relaxed and I wasn’t smiling – and now I’m bitter and a sour ex? What the hell.

“I felt backed into a corner. I was only there to support Wes but now I've become the focus.

“We were on such a high after his amazing scores and to wake up in the morning and see that people had been saying I’ve had so much Botox I can’t even frown – I wouldn’t be frowning anyway.

"Wes is my boyfriend and I love him so much. I went to the show to support him, I didn’t realise I would be on camera or made to answer questions."

Reality star Megan became embroiled in a feud with pro skater Vanessa Bauer, 22, after accusing her of being “disrespectful” and announcing her split the same night as her first dance with Wes for publicity.

She lashed out at Vanessa in a scathing Instagram story – claiming she couldn't even look her in the eye as they finally met for the first time on Sunday night.

Megan told The Sun she didn't regret her decision to unleash her anger on social media but had no intention of taking the limelight away from Wes and his place in the competition.

She said: "Wes has put in so much work. He’s literally come home with blisters and to go out there on the first show and get such high scores – but all the attention was on me.

"I didn't want to take the shine away from him and everything he’s been working on. The hours and hours of training – you could see on his face how nervous he was and that’s why I wanted to be there to support him."

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