Melissa Barrera nationality: Where is the Keep Breathing star from?

Keep Breathing: Trailer for new survival series

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Melissa Barrera stars in the lead role in the new Netflix hit series, Keep Breathing. Her character Liv is an attorney whose plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian forest. has all you need to know about the TV star’s nationality.

Where is Melissa Barrera from?

Keep Breathing has taken the world by storm since it arrived on Netflix and it made its way to the top of the streaming platform’s top 10 chart.

The nail-biting drama sees Liv try and get herself out of life-or-death situations as she is stranded in the wilderness.

Featuring flashbacks from her troubled past, viewers learn throughout the series how she came to be on the plane.

Liv’s childhood and heritage are highlighted in the series and fans are keen to find out where the actress is from.

Melissa Barrera Martínez, 32, is a Mexican actress and singer.

She was born in Monterrey in July 1990 and studied musical theatre at New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Her career began with roles in telenovelas and Mexican shows, including Siempre tuya Acapulco, Tanto amor and Club de Cuervos.

Fans may also recognise her from the Starz series Vida and the slash horror film Scream.

As for her music career, she attended the American School Foundation of Monterrey and appeared in a number of musical productions.

She made her TV debut on a Mexican reality show called La Academia.

While on the show, she showcased her singing talent and went on to perform as part of the duet Melissa y Sebastian.

As for her personal life, the actress married boyfriend and musician Paco Zazueta in 2019.

The couple met on the set of La Academia in 2011 and performed a duet together.

They began dating in September 2011 and announced their engagement in 2017.

Melissa spoke to Latina to Latina about embracing her identity.

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On whether she considered herself to be famous in Mexico, she said: “I wouldn’t consider myself a star in Mexico.

“I consider that I had a career. I had done some things, and I knew that that meant absolutely nothing coming here.

“Because that is a reality. The things that I did in Mexico, no one saw and no one knew of here.

“That was why it took me so long to come here. I was comfortable.”

She said she felt at home having moved to New York to pursue her acting career.

On whether she considered herself to be Latina, she said: “Yeah, of course I do.

“I think of myself as a Mexican. But I guess I always thought that we were so similar, Mexican Americans and Mexicans.

“We share so much. Our history, our culture, our food, our traditions. There’s so much that we have in common.

“I grew up near the border, so I feel even closer. Because I grew up speaking English in an American school in Mexico, I grew up crossing the border for all of my vacations and spending all my long weekends in the United States.”

Keep Breathing is on Netflix now.

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