Missing Eamonn Holmes caught ‘flirting’ with Amber’s mum as he grabs her leg

Eamonn Holmes went missing during today's This Morning – and when he came back he was 'flirting' with Amber Gill's mum.

When the show returned from the ad break following Maura Higgin's agony aunt phone-in, Eamonn was nowhere to be seen.

Co-host Ruth Langsford joined make-up artist Bryony Blake for a segment on how to make your holiday glow last longer.

Just as viewers were starting to question where he was – the camera spun round to show Eamonn sat between Amber and her mum, Vanessa.

Shaking her head, Ruth joked: "Now I can’t leave Eamonn alone for two minutes. I look around and he’s with two women."

Eamonn used his charms on the ladies and asked which one was the Love Island winner.

He said: "Can you explain to me which one of you won Love Island?"

Turning to Amber's mum and placing his hand on her leg, he asked: "Was it you? Did you win? Which one of you was in Love Island?"

Amber and Vanessa were left in hysterics as Eamonn continued to shower them in compliments.

He said: "So you're the mother then and you’re the daughter. Amber then spent eight weeks in the villa. Mum it must have felt like 16 weeks for you."

Moments later, Eamonn asked again: "Remind me again which is mother and daughter."

Giggling Amber was left in hysterics and put her hand over her face.

Amber went on to tell Eamonn and Ruth about her relationship with Greg O'Shea.

She admitted the long distance apart would be hard while she lives in Newcastle and he resides in Ireland.

She said: "I don’t think it's going to be easy but I think you put the effort in. If you want to make it work you make it work.

"I'm not stuck in one place. I know he has to be in Ireland for his rugby but I’m not stuck anywhere."

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