Mo Farah’s university sweetheart wife left ‘gobsmacked’ by his true identity

BBC's The Real Mo Farah is airing tonight (July 13), following the shocking revelation that Sir Mo Farah was trafficked to the UK at just nine years old and forced to change his name.

Mo Farah's real name is actually Hussein Abdi Kahin and when he was a child he was flown to the UK by a woman he'd never met and was forced to become a domestic servant.

For three decades Mo has kept his real identity a secret, but has now opened up about being a victim of modern slavery.

It wasn't just the public that Mo kept his true identity from though, he also kept it from his partner.

During the documentary Mo's wife reveals that she was "gobsmacked" to hear the truth.

As she opens up about the moment he told her what had happened to him, here's everything we know about the Olympic athlete's wife.

Who is Mo Farah's wife?

Mo Farah's wife is Tania Farah.

Tania has been a huge supporter of Mo throughout his incredible career and has regularly been spotted cheering him on at his races.

Previously, Tania opened up to the Telegraph about how she copes with the athlete being away from home.

“It’s hard but it’s something that we’ve had to cope with since we first got together really," she revealed.

“Mo was going away a lot from day one, so I had to get used to that pretty quickly.”

Mo and Tania have four children: Rhianna, Hussein, Amani and Aisha.

After the birth of their son Hussein, which is also Mo's real name, Tania followed in her husband's footsteps and took up running.

She completed her first half marathon in 2016 in 1 hour and 51 minutes.

How did Mo Farah meet his wife?

Tania and Mo first met while they were both studying at university in West London.

Speaking about what attracted her to Mo, Tania told the BBC: "I first met Mo in school.

"He was always smiling, that's what stood out about Mo. Amongst the groups of grumpy teenagers, Mo was always happy-go-lucky."

Their romance blossomed and in 2009 they got engaged.

A year later they tied the knot during a lavish ceremony.

When did Mo Farah's wife find out about his real identity?

Mo and his wife have had a heartwarming love story, but Tania knew that something wasn't quite right in the lead up to their wedding and this is when she finally found out about his true identity.

Explaining when she started to put the pieces together during the BBC documentary, she said: "We were engaged by 2009 and it was during that period of time, sort of the year leading up to us being married, that I felt like there was lots of missing pieces to his story.

"Behind the smile there was something there and that's when I started to ask questions.

"I didn't know much about his parents at the time. I'd never seen them or heard him talk about them," she added. "It wasn't until – I think I'd worn him down, really, with all the questioning – that he eventually just said 'look, that's not how it happened.'"

Mo finally told Tania what had happened to him, but it wasn't easy for him to do.

"It was hard for me to tell her because I never really talk about it," he told the BBC.

"It's more back of my mind and it has been for years."

Speaking about the moment he opened up, Tania said: "He just sort of matter of factly told me, 'this is really what happened.' And I just…I was gobsmacked."

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