Momma Dee Called ‘Narcissistic’ After Scrappy Confronts Her About His Upbringing on ‘LHH: Atlanta’

Aside from confronting his mom regarding his childhood trauma, Scrappy calls her out for constantly attacking his wife Bambi, who also appears on the show.

AceShowbizMomma Dee found herself being dragged on the Internet after “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” aired its season 10 finale. The episode showed her being confronted by her son Lil Scrappy, who got candid about his childhood trauma. Since then, some online users called her “narcissistic.”

In the said episode, Scrappy lashed out at his mom for constantly attacking his wife, Bambi. “I just wanna say this. You my momma. This is my wife. I don’t have nobody if y’all ain’t with me. I don’t have nobody. All that talking s**t cuz. I need y’all to show me cuz, for real,” he argued.

The rapper also explained the long-lasting effects of seeing his mom being a pimp. “I saw your lifestyle. I grew up in a w***e house. I grew up in a trap house. So all I knew was that, you know what I’m saying?” he fumed.

“And I love you ’cause you held it down and like you did what you had to do,” he admitted. “But imagine, you never had to sleep with your momma 24/7 ’cause you couldn’t go in your room. You never had to walk in on motherf**kers on dope.”

“No this s**t real cuz! This in my head! In my head my whole life. In my head!” he further yelled. “This s**t I go through, I can’t even go to her [Bambi] she hard. I can’t go to you, you hard. So I’m on the concrete my n***a.”

Despite his difficult upbringing, Scrappy let his mom know that he really appreciates her sacrifices. “I ain’t taking nothing from you ’cause you put me there. You put money in my s**t,” he said. “You gave me s**t to help my rap career and all that s**t. Ain’t nobody do that but you. So I love my momma, and I love my wife.”

At the end, Scrappy and Momma Dee shared a hug. She later admitted in a confessional that she’s “not a perfect mother.” She added, “I want to turn a new cheek myself and get this family back to where it needs to be.”

Many have since reacted to the emotional scene, with some of them blaming Momma Dee. “Gotta break those generational curses. Substance abuse, undiagnosed mental illness. It’s war on the family. It’s important to have these tough conversations. Mama Dee seems to be a narcissistic parent. That’s always going to cause dysfunctional/toxic family dynamics,” one person tweeted.

“Idk , obviously I’m on the outside looking in but I don’t feel like Momma Dee is showing any remorse , or understanding , seems like ‘I hear you , my bad ‘ but again , I’m over here,” another opined. One Instagram user, meanwhile, chimed in, “A narcissistic mother is more harmful than an absentee father, lets talk about it.

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