Moon Knight boss explains real reason behind missing MCU connections ‘He’s an outsider’

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight official trailer

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Comic book fans have gotten used to references and cameos galore in Marvel’s new small-screen outings on Disney+. Despite the likes of Hawkeye and WandaVision pulling in important plot points and characters from the blockbuster franchise, Moon Knight’s first four episodes have stood alone. Will Steven Grant/Marc Spector (played by Oscar Isaac) ever meet up with the rest of the Avengers?

Director Aaron Moorhead has revealed Moon Knight’s standalone format was one of the biggest draws to sign on to the new Marvel series.

The feature filmmaker made his first foray into the MCU with his director partner Justin Benson for two episodes of the action-packed new series.

Rather than Marvel’s typical comic book fare, fans have been treated to an unconventional adventure starring Steven, a mild-mannered Brit with dissociative identity disorder.

In contrast with the rest of the franchise, Steven has made little to no reference to the wider world of the MCU, and it doesn’t look like he’ll encounter Captain America (Chris Evans) or the rest of the Avengers any time soon.

Aaron explained: “Making sure that Moon Knight was something that could completely stand alone as a character was one of the foundations of doing this entire project.”

While other directors and writers are eager to play in the Marvel sandbox, Moon Knight is four episodes in and is still avoiding direct references to other characters and events.

The only connective tissue can be found in the background, as certain London buses are adorned with adverts for the Global Repatriation Council.

The GRC helps aid families and refugees who were displaced after the Blip, confirming the show does indeed take place after the Avengers reversed Thanos (Josh Brolin) wiping out half the universe.

However, the directors indicated the series could conclude without Steven/Marc ever coming across any of the World’s Mightiest Heroes.

Aaron continued: “Our executive producer Grant [Curtis] and also Mohamed [Diab], the other director and EP, they were all saying, ‘There’s no reason to do this if we’re not going to be able to be bold by spending all the currency of having a character that no one knows anything about, and it doesn’t have to tie in in any way.’

“There’s no expectations on him, so we can do anything that we want… and that was actually one of the reasons that Justin and I really wanted to do this project.

“It’s that there was… He could be anything. The project could be anything.”

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Aaron and Justin are well-known for their equally mind-bending science fiction films The Endless and Synchronic, so it was a no-brainer to bring their skills on board Marvel’s psychological superhero drama.

They teamed up with head writer Jeremy Slater and Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, who helped reinvent the look and feel of one of Marvel’s more obscure crime fighters.

Moon Knight’s standalone nature has also been helped by the show’s unconventional hero.

Steven’s frequent blackouts often cause irreparable damage to his personal life, making it difficult to form connections with his colleagues at the British Museum.

It also explains why it may be a while before Moon Knight gets a call to help the Avengers’ next world-saving mission, and also why Aaron was so drawn to the project.

“He’s an outsider,” he told Digital Spy. “And he’s something very different than the rest of that universe.

“And that’s also something that emboldened us to take some unusual risks with it.”

So far, Moon Knight has been gripping, hilarious and surprising with each and every turn, so Marvel fans are expecting big things from the series’ final two episodes.

Moon Knight continues Wednesdays on Disney+.

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