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MotherFatherSon ending explained: What happened at the end of MotherFatherSon?

MotherFatherSon aired its finale tonight (Wednesday, April 24) on BBC Two. The BBC show ended with two new beginnings, as Max Finch (played by Richard Gere) welcomed his new son into the world and Kathryn Villiers (Helen McCrory) kicked off her plan to fight against new Prime Minister Angela Howard (Sarah Lancashire). Caden Finch (Billy Howle) also got somewhat of a happy ending after an emotional series.

What happened at the end of MotherFatherSon?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MotherFatherSon

The ending episode of MotherFatherSon mostly focused on two of the series’ many plots: The election battle between Angela and Jahan Zakari (Danny Sapani) and Kathryn deciding whether to take the job as editor of The National after Max offered it to her at the end of the last episode.

In the penultimate instalment of the BBC series, she had turned down the job, which she was offered in return for Caden’s silence on Max’s abuses of power.

However, her boyfriend Nick (Joseph Mawle) advised her to take the job as did Caden – though he warned her that it would change her as it had changed him.


She agreed with Max to take the job, on the condition that she could only hold the position for five years, the length of one election cycle.

They agreed to this and appeared to reach a truce – though Kathryn warned him she would attack him. Max, in turn, warned her that he would undo any attacks she made.

The action of the MotherFatherSon ending took place in the final few days before the election and on polling day itself.

Angela’s daughter told her that people in school had been calling her a fascist and the episode showed her and her followers engaging in underhanded tactics.


In a conversation with Max, it was implied that she staged the attack where protestors threw stones at her car to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment against the Prime Minister.

More of her followers were seen attacking the mother of Max’s assistant Lauren (Pippa Bennett-Warner), who had been a staunch opponent of Angela, by dropping a wheelie bin on her car.

Despite this, on election day Angela triumphed and became Prime Minister.

However, the episode ended with Kathryn in her office at the newspaper being given an unseen document which was implied to be something damaging about the new PM.

Elsewhere in the episode, Caden was released from the rehabilitation centre and ended the episode in what looked like domestic bliss in the country with girlfriend Orla (Niamh Algar), after Nick warned him he would slide back into addiction if he stayed in London.


Kathryn’s deal with Max meant that Caden did not give his tell-all interview to Maggie (Sinead Cusack), who was seen in a hospice with just days to live.

As Maggie came to the end of her life, however, Max’s child with new wife Sofia (Elena Anaya) was born.

Sofia had previously said Max would have no part in this child’s life, but they seemed to have buried the hatchet by the end of MotherFatherSon, suggesting that the media magnate would be taking a step back from the business, for now, to prevent him from making the same mistakes he made with Caden.

This would give Kathryn some leeway to plan her attack on Angela and put her plot together to finally get her revenge on Max if MotherFatherSon gets a second season.

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