My 600lb Life backlash as Aaron’s wife storms out on Dr No

My 600-lb Life: Doctor tells Pauline she's put on weight

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Aaron Washer originally weighed 718lbs during his original appearance on the hit TLC reality series. A few years later, Aaron has been devastated by the loss of his father and has found love with his new wife Ashlee, but My 600lb Life fans weren’t impressed when his new partner stormed off after a heated row with Dr Younan Nowzaradan aka Dr Now in the latest episode of Where Are They Now?

My 600lb Life fans have labelled Aaron’s wife “abusive” after the latest episode of the follow-up prequel series.

Since his appearance in the seventh season of the main show, Aaron has made considerable progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sadly, he confirmed his father Eugene had passed away in 2019, and it seems his new partner Ashlee hadn’t been making things easier.

In this week’s episode, an appointment with Dr Now ended with Ashlee storming out of the office when she refused to listen to his advice.

Dr Now pleaded: “Why don’t you at least listen to what might help him?”

“Because I said so,” Ashlee retorted, before heading out of the room and leaving Aaron crestfallen.

“All right then, I’m guessing you’re probably going to have a long car ride home,” Dr Now quipped.

Fans were pleased to see Dr Now standing up for himself and his patient, but took to social media to complain about Ashlee’s behaviour during the heated scene.

Redditor u/Nearby_Tax_3325 said: “Can you believe the wife? Can you say manipulative? You know that’s a messed up relationship they got.”

To which u/Altruistic_Address73 replied: “Huge red flag when someone that ‘loves’ you threatens to leave you if you continue to improve your health and finish your journey.

“Run, Aaron, don’t walk, to the nearest door. Or let her leave. She wants to control you and manipulate you. THAT’S NOT LOVE, THAT’S CONTROL.”

u/Wrong-Sundae commented: “Aaron stopped abusing himself and now has trapped himself with a psychologically abusive partner.”

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“We need a FREE AARON campaign or something. You could tell Ashlee really thought she was sticking it to Dr Now with her, ‘because I SAID SO,’ retort before storming off.”

Over on Twitter, @mydogisphat said: “Add Psychic to Dr Now’s resume. Ashlee is abusive.

“You don’t give ultimatums over someone’s health. I actually felt bad for her until the end.”

And @moonspirit420 exclaimed: “The serious fresh hell??!!?? Ashlee really told Aaron that she would leave him, if he continued with Dr Now and got the skin removal surgery??”

“What a selfish, disgusting thing to say. Good luck Aaron, you deserve to continue! You’ve worked too hard.”

Viewers were even more devastated when the end of the episode confirmed Aaron had left Dr Now’s programme after an ultimatum from Ashlee.

Aaron may now be unable to continue his progress towards a healthier lifestyle, though hopefully, later episodes of the series will show an improvement at some point in the future.

My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now? continues Wednesdays on TLC in the USA.

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