Naga Munchetty voices concerns for BBC Breakfast co-star

Breakfast: Naga asks Charlie if he’s OK

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As usual, Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt shared the stories which had caught their eye in the papers on Thursday morning. As Naga brought the story of a marathon runner to the attention of viewers, her BBC Breakfast co-star had a coughing fit, which sparked concern.

Showing a newspaper cutting to viewers, Naga began: “I just want to introduce you to Uncle Chen but before I tell you about Uncle Chen, if you were to think of a marathon runner, kind of what do you think?”

Charlie took a big gulp from his cup of coffee as Naga waited for him to answer.

However, he began coughing as he struggled to answer her and had to turn away.

Naga teased: “Oh goodness! That’s quite ironic actually.

“So Uncle Chen right, Uncle Chen is a 50-year-old runner.”

As Charlie continued coughing, she asked her co-star: “Are you alright Charlie?”

BBC viewers couldn’t see Charlie’s response but as Naga continued, he seemed to be okay.

“He is known as Uncle Chen and he completed a marathon in China’s south western province in time of three hours and 28 minutes,” Naga explained.

“He finished about 570th out of 1,500 competitors and went round puffing a cigarette the whole way around. Smoked the whole way around.”

Baffled and recovered from his coughing fit, Charlie asked: “Does he smoke normally?”

“No! He only smokes when he runs marathons,” Naga exclaimed.

“Anyway and it’s nothing we would obviously recommend that you would do but it’s just his thing.

“He only smokes when he runs marathons and he ends up with good times.”

Charlie joked: “And how odd that story prompted me to have a coughing fit. Strangely apt.”

Naga and Charlie were back on the iconic red BBC Breakfast sofa after some time off.

They were temporarily replaced on the show last week while they enjoyed some well deserved holiday.

Earlier in the week, the BBC shared an interview between Naga and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The exclusive interview saw Naga speak to Mrs Obama about her thoughts on Donald Trump.

Michelle explained “it still hurts” when she remembers how Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am

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