Naked Attraction star jokes he ‘should have got aroused’ after Twitter feedback

Naked Attraction star and wrestler Iain took to social media to hit out at producers of the show while adding he should have "got half aroused" to better his chances.

Sadly for Iain, it wasn't a match made in heaven as his date Iliana didn't feel the "sexual chemistry".

Twitter went wild after Iain had claimed on the show that he had once gifted a Moonpig card after causing a vaginal tear during sex.

Amazed viewers who tuned in on Tuesday evening had other suggestions for why things might not have worked out between the pair.

One tweet read: "Naa #nakedattraction actually kills me. Imagine giving it that much of a big-un then bringing the tidge out."

Another online user said: "How on earth did he manage to tear anything with that? #nakedattraction."

A third quipped: "She is going fully in on Little Ian #nakedattraction."

During the date things seemed to get steamy between the love birds, with Iliana even dishing out a number of pet names for his manhood, nicknaming his penis "little Iain" and "Illy's willy".

The pair had such a great evening together that they decided to continue with their date after the restaurant.

Speaking on camera, the stunning scary spice doppelgänger said: "Hopefully he's got £20 in his wallet and he can take me for a couple of tequilas."

In usual fashion, the pair reunited two weeks later to discuss if their relationship would blossom but things took a turn for the worse when Iliana detailed that she'd experienced issues remembering their date.

Iliana said: "Do you want to enlighten me because I feel like you know something that I do not."

A shocked Iain asked: "You don't remember?"

"No," chirped Iliana.

Looking a little red faced he explained: "There were some moves made."

Even though the pro-wrestler was up for a second date, Iliana just wasn't feeling it, blaming Iain for sending her "question marks" when she took a few hours to reply to his messages.

Letting him down, she added: "I feel like I should want to pounce on you like a black panther and I’m not getting that."

Feeling a little bashful after the programme had aired, Iain took to twitter to put his case forward, he said: "Ok Ok, gotta set the record straight I'm not a question mark chaser guy.

"My credible defence of myself did not make the edit.

"Also: should have got a semi."

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