Neighbours theory: Hendrick Greyson to exit in tragic romance twist

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Hendrix (played by Benny Turland) has certainly made a name for himself on Neighbours over the past four years, having gone from a troublemaker to someone who seems to have his life together. It seems both he and his girlfriend, Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), have been excelling recently on the Channel 5 soap as the young woman has found herself at the centre of a huge modelling campaign. However, they will have a difference of opinion over their future in next week’s episodes and this could prompt the youngster to make a decision about whether he stays on Ramsay Street or whether he goes to live with his father, Pierce Greyson (Don Hany).

The drama continues in upcoming scenes as Mackenzie begins to become distracted by her blossoming modelling career, kickstarted because of the Fashion Week expo at Lassiters.

Unfortunately, although she is trying to do good by positively representing the trans community, she starts to let her other commitments fall to the side.

This includes her university work and the active role she is playing on campus to be involved in as much stuff as possible to demonstrate she is a star student.

Wanting to support her modelling career, Hendrix can’t help but show is disappointed Mackenzie doesn’t seem to be caring about her studies.

Although he didn’t do too well at school, he knows his girlfriend has masses of potential if she engages her brain in academia.

As Hendrix voices his concerns to his girlfriend, the pair end up clashing as Mackenzie accuses her boyfriend of not being supportive enough.

With the argument becoming tense, Hendrix tells his partner she is becoming too self-centred and she is losing who she really is.

This will be a huge blow to Mackenzie as she never thought of herself as someone who would put themselves first and especially when it comes to vanity.

Though as she is set to take Australia and the world by storm, the university student could think about dropping out and focussing solely on her new direction in life.

Not able to support this, Hendrix could end up telling her this is the end of the road for them as he can’t stand by and watch her risk everything.

He’ll get better with his choices

Benny Turland

Although she would be heartbroken, Mackenzie would know this is the right thing to do as they are on different paths in life.

With nothing really keeping him on Ramsay Street anymore, Hendrix could decide it would be the perfect time to pack his bags and leave.

His father, Pierce, left Edinsborough last year following the fallout of his affair with Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal).

The successful businessman now lives in Sydney and it was recently reported in the media the previous actor who played him, Tim Robards, was coming back to film a few scenes.

This could be tied in with Hendrix’s exit from the show as he decides to go and live with his father and start a new chapter of his life.

Tim has returned to the show following the lifting of restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and is only back for a brief stint.

He will be returning alongside Hendrix’s mother, Lisa Rowsthorn (Jane Allsop), and the pair have been filming in Sydney.

Producer for the show, Kate Kendell, teased the return in a post on Instagram after she and a few other members of the crew flew out to Sydney.

In a post on the social media platform, she wrote: “Thanks @neighbours cast and crew for making this such an unforgettable shoot. See you tomorrow Melbourne.”

It has since been confirmed both characters will be back and this could see them welcome him to Sydney with open arms.

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This would also tie in with the show’s finale, which is set to air at the start of August after it was also confirmed the soap was ending.

With many characters’ stories to tie up, writers could be looking at letting Hendrix leave Ramsay Street as part of the closure to his time on the show.

Having arrived as a troublemaker, he will have completed his redemption over the past four years and could go on to become a successful chef in another state of Australia.

Last year, the actor who plays Hendrix, Benny, spoke about what he would have liked to see happen to his character in the aftermath of his break-up from Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan).

The actor said: “There is potential there for him to grow and learn from this.”

“Hopefully he’ll get better with his choices and decision making,” the soap star continued to say in an interview with Digital Spy.

“Once his focus goes from trying to get Harlow back and he focuses on loving himself, that’s when he’ll push through.”

Over a year since this happened, it seems Benny has got his wish and Hendrix is focussing on his happiness as well as others.

But will his struggles to see Mackenzie being happy with modelling be the catalyst which results in his exit from the show?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.

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