Netflix fans left 'crying their eyes out' at moving scenes in new festive movie Christmas Chronicles 2

NETFLIX viewers have been left in floods of festive tears after watchingheart-warming Santa Claus movie, Christmas Chronicles 2.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's flick – a follow up to the original Christmas Chronicles – has sparked huge emotion among subscribers to the streaming service.

A handful said they "couldn't cope" with the poignant plotline which sees Kate Pierce, who is now a teenager, run away to the North Pole.

She is unhappy with her mum's new relationship but faces equal turmoil when she gets to the freezing conditions and encounters a naughty elf planning to cancel Christmas.

Meanwhile, the thoroughly festive scenes, which see real-life partners Kurt and Goldie reprise their roles as Mr and Mrs Claus, sparked sobbing from others.

One fan took to Twitter to confess: "I am such a sucker for Christmas. Im sitting here boohoo crying cuz Christmas Chronicles 2 is on Netflix."

Another wrote: "Oh what's that Netflix a promo for Christmas Chronicles 2 where Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell just talk to each other yes I am happy crying."

A third then posted: "Was in here watching Christmas chronicles 2 with my niece .. why am I crying," as one echoed similar emotion and put: "Crying at the airport scene in Christmas Chronicles 2 🥺💔 ma wee heart cannot cope."

One then joked: "No. Not me crying watch The Christmas Chronicles 2. Wrong chick."

A Netflix viewer then surmised: "I am a 22 year old man crying at The Christmas Chronicles 2…."

Initially, the follow-up film – which sees Darby Camp reprise her role as Kate – came under fire from Netflix users who believed it had been promoted too early.

Some fans felt that plugging Christmas movies in September was an overkill and urged Netflix to wait at least another month.

"It’s time for Mrs Claus to get her due," Netflix wrote alongside the trailer.

"Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn are back to save the holidays in THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2, only on Netflix 25 November."


Meanwhile, in a more positive note, mums are admitting they have the secret hots for Santa in The Christmas Chronicles movie and are gushing over the fact the sequel has arrived.

Sharing a photo of actor Kurt Russell dressed up in the role of Santa Claus in the original 2018 hit Netflix movie, Christmas Chronicles, mums revealed how attractive they thought he was. 

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, one woman said: “Its ok to find Santa attractive right?"

And she certainly wasn’t alone, as her post has racked up over 3,000 and numerous comments from like-minded women.

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