‘Not part of the show’ Oti Mabuse warns Romeo and Duet audience for distracting star

Romeo and Duet: Oti Mabuse warns an audience member

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Oti Mabuse met four new singletons on the lookout for love during the second episode of her ITV dating show Romeo and Duet. Whilst they stood on the balcony, they were serenaded by four other singletons and had to choose who they would like to go on a duet date with based just on their voice alone. On Saturday night, the first contestant to take to the stage was River, who was blown away by Michael’s vocals, but before he made his choice, he had some secret help from an audience member, which Oti did not appreciate.

The first contestant to take to the floor and try and impress River with his vocals was Phil, who sang Grace Kelly by Mika.

During the song, River was up and down the stairs trying to decide whether Phil was the one for him but ultimately ended up staying on the balcony.

Oti asked River: “What happened? Why didn’t you come down?”

He replied: “Someone was saying yes, but this guy here was like, ‘No!’ and I don’t know why but he caught my attention.”

Oti joked: “Well, he’s not here for that, you do know that, right?”

River continued: “Yeah, but, listen, they’re on this journey with me!”

However, Oti interrupted and said: “You can’t be on the balcony eyeing other guys up!

“That’s not how it works! So what was it about the voice or performance that didn’t get you down? And don’t blame it on the very nice-looking gentleman over here.”

In the background, Phil was joking with the member of the audience and acted out squaring up to fight him.

River explained: “No, so it was strong, but I didn’t feel like I’m being serenaded to, I didn’t feel serenaded.”

Phil was then revealed to River, and Oti asked what he thought of River: “Well, it doesn’t matter now, does it?”

“Listen, it’s not you, it’s me,” River said, trying to make Phil feel a little better. “I wanted to be serenaded, Phil, you know?

“I wanted to feel like you were warming the chicken up in the oven, and I was going to be like ‘Yeah!'”

Snapping back at his comments, Phil exclaimed: “I don’t do chicken, I’m vegetarian! I don’t blame you, I blame him.”

The member of the audience sat back and laughed as Oti warned: “You are not a part of the show!”

River ended up saying yes to the fourth contestant to take to the stage – Michael from Cork, Ireland.

The pair immediately hit it off and had chemistry from the moment they met, with River exclaiming: “Well, he’s taller than me, so that’s alright!

“He’s got blue eyes, he’s got nice… yeah, I’m happy!”

During their duet together, they didn’t take their eyes off of one another, and the audience saw the chemistry fly.

They ended up winning and went indoor skydiving on their second date, however, they didn’t end up seeing one another again.

Romeo and Duet airs Saturday from 7pm on ITV.

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