One Outlander star has addressed Allan Christies dark history

Outlander: Sam Heughan teases season seven

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The Christies brought drama to Fraser’s Ridge when they arrived unexpectedly in Outlander season six. Although they were welcomed in with open arms, Tom Christie (played by Mark Lewis Jones) and his two children Allan (Alexander Vlahos) and Malva (Jessica Reyonlds) caused many problems for Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). The show ended on a shocking note with Malva’s death after she fell pregnant and was brutally murdered to keep her silent about the father of the baby.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Outlander season 6 and the Outlander novels

Does Tom Christie know Allan Christie’s dark secret?

Welsh star Jones said about Tom’s suspicions: “I don’t personally believe he knows it’s going on but I think by the end of season six, I think that we think that he knows that it must have been Allan.”

Jones went on to say: “I think that’s what I’m trying to say really – is that these worldly things that go on, that go so against his beliefs, he almost kind of refuses to let in.

“He refuses to even consider them as a possibility, even though he knows deep down they are a strong possibility.

“So, there’s Tom – his inner world is always in conflict with his outer world. Again, that makes him a very great character to play.”

In the books, it’s revealed Malva was repeatedly sexually abused and raped by Allan and eventually fell pregnant.

Malva was told to initially put the blame on Jamie as well as sleeping with other men on the Ridge to cover up the true paternity of the child.

But she eventually started to feel guilty about lying to the Frasers, particularly Claire who had been so kind to her.

The young woman was going to admit the truth about her baby and her history of abuse but was killed by Allan before she could do so.

Unfortunately, Claire was the first to find the body and tried to perform an emergency cesarean to save the baby but failed.

Instead, she became the prime suspect in Malva’s murder and was carted off to be tried yet again as a witch.

Although Jones couldn’t say whether he was going to be featuring in the new series, the seventh Outlander novel An Echo in the Bone saw Tom trying to help Claire after she was put on trial.

Depending on where the writers want to take the story next, audiences could see Tom appearing in the forthcoming series and even learning the truth about Allan.

Along with his family drama, Tom was also conflicted over his feelings for Claire whom he fell in love with.

Jones said Tom was “drawn” to Claire and fell “head over heels in love with her” because she had “echoes of his wife”.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see what becomes of the Christie family and if the show will play out in the same way as the source material.

Season seven is still filming and is expected to be hitting screens in 2023 at the earliest but American television network Starz has still yet to confirm a premiere date.

Jones is now busy with other projects including Welsh-language drama Dal Y Mellt on S4C and the films Portraits of Dangerous Women, Sweetland, and Bolan’s Shoes which are all in post-production.

Reflecting on the possibility of a Welsh answer to Outlander, Jones said: “I would dearly love that.”

He said Wales had its own stories which were waiting to be told: “We’ve got the landscape and the actors and the crew and the writers. We just need someone to pull it all together, write a script.

“Outlander’s been massive for Scotland and it’s become a huge thing particularly in the States and there’s no reason at all why Wales couldn’t emulate that and do it’s own version of it’s own stories.”

Adding: “We just need someone to write a great story.”

Outlander season 6 is out now on DVD

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