Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen as she shares Ravenseat pregnancy news

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda finds out her sheep dog is pregnant

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Our Yorkshire Farm has become loved by millions of viewers for its wholesome content which follows family life on Ravenseat Farm. Filmed in the Yorkshire Dales, Amanda and her husband Clive Owen are joined by their nine children to share with fans their farming lifestyle. In the most recent instalment of the Channel 5 show, Amanda was left feeling emotional at the news of her sheepdog’s pregnancy. 

In the episode, 47-year-old Amanda took a couple of her children to the vets with her beloved sheepdog Kate to see if she was expecting puppies. 

Kate remained very calm as the vet performed an ultrasound to see if she was indeed pregnant. 

Amanda looked on at the vet’s monitor in excitement to find out if Kate the Collie was going to be a mum. 

While she was trying to work out what was appearing on the screen, the vet told Amanda she could see a puppy in Kate’s belly.

The vet pointed at the monitor and explained: “It’s just there, that’s its head and that’s its spine and that bit there is the puppy.”

A taken aback Amanda replied: “I actually feel quite emotional.”

One of her children asked if the vets were going to get the puppy out, but they reassured her that Kate was not ready to give birth just yet. 

Amanda told her children Kate would be able to push the puppy out when she is ready to. 

With Kate officially out of action on maternity leave, Amanda and Clive will have to tend to their flock of sheep without her assistance. 

Amanda said: “We are looking forward to Kate’s puppies, it’s all about a connection with the land and wildlife, and nature.

“Animals are all that the farm is about, whether it’s farm animals or pet animals. 

“Everywhere you look there are animals and I think the kids have a fantastic connection with the animals here.”

The news of Kate’s puppy comes following Amanda’s sad announcement that their other sheepdog, Bill, had died.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess told one fan Bill had died at the old age of 15.

The new series of Our Yorkshire Farm premiered on October 5, with the first episode taking viewers back to last winter.

The family was trying to find some lost sheep during a harsh blizzard while dealing with all the kids being home-schooled.

Despite the challenges, Amanda was able to get through the difficult conditions with the help of their sheepdogs Bill and Kate. 

Unfortunately, the family is now a dog down following Bill’s death. 

Bill has been seen throughout the show since the beginning, which makes the news very sad for both the Owens and fans alike.

The dog also featured in many pictures with Amanda and the family on social media, with the farming star regularly sharing snaps of their sheepdogs.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on Channel 5 and My5.

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