Paris Jackson’s boyfriend ‘cleans up his act’ to help star get back on track after prescription drug addiction – The Sun

PARIS Jackson's boyfriend Gabriel Glenn is reportedly "cleaning up his act" to help the star get back on track following a problem with prescription drugs.

A friend of the model, 21, recently revealed Paris was on a string of prescription medicines to relieve anxiety.

And now, boyfriend Gabriel is set to help her by turning his back on his rocker lifestyle.

A source told Radar: "He has definitely scaled back the wild times."

They also added that the couple "were definitely up to party."

Earlier this month, friends of Paris' revealed they were concerned she was on a brink of a meltdown after cancelling a recent tour gig with her band Sounflowers in Rome.

The actress and singer was said to have cancelled the concert because she was on prescription medicine to relieve her anxiety.

A friend told Radar: "Paris has panic attacks and she takes pills to help calm the effects of the attacks.

“She takes them every day and when she doesn’t she has nightmares, gets nervous and sweats. She mixes them sometimes, which is very unhealthy!”

Paris has visited rehab for alcohol and mental health issues in the past.

It was previously reported the star tried to take her own life in March 2019.

Reports claimed Paris' attempt was a "direct response" to the child sex abuse claims made against her dad Michael in the Leaving Neverland documentary.

However, Paris slammed the claims by tweeting "f***ing liars."

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