Peaky Blinders director hints season 6 won’t be released until next Christmas in bleak update on production update.

PEAKY Blinders' director has given a bleak update on season six's release – hinting the drama will drop next Christmas.

The hit BBC series starring Cillian Murphy was delayed in filming its sixth season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans are desperate to know when will get to see what happens to Tommy Shelby and his clan, and now Anthony Byrne has offered them an update.

However, it might not be what they want to hear as he revealed to Digital Spy: "At this point, I have no idea in an ideal world it would be great to be prepping again at the end of the year with a view to start shooting early next year.

“That feels achievable whether that’s true or not I have no idea it’s what we’re discussing and talking about.”

He continued: "But as lots of people know we were due to start filming at the end of March until the end of July so we’d still be filming so it takes that long.

“So say if we did start shooting January, we wouldn’t finish until May, June and it’s another six months of editing so it does take time."

By that equation, fans would be looking at a Christmas 2021 release for season six.

Anthony added: “Unfortunately when we started prep it was going to be the shortest gap between seasons which I was really excited about.”

The delay will also have knock on effects for future series, with Anthony explaining: "I think season four and five it was quite a while, two years, and now it looks like it’s going to be longer."

However, Anthony offered fans something positive to hold on to despite the delays as he said: "I promise it will be worth the wait.

"It’s given us an opportunity to go back to look through the scripts again and really nail it.”

His comments come after the show's creator Steven Knight revealed the delays in filming had caused a schedule clash for some of the cast.

Peaky Blinders seasons 1-5 are available on BBC iPlayer.

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