Piers Morgan defends TalkTV after Uncensored advert lands "woke" complaints

Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to defend TalkTV and his new show, Uncensored, after it received 38 complaints since airing.

The facetious advert, pokes fun at what Piers regards as the “woke brigade” while promoting his new show.

In the advert, Piers tries to pitch his new show to the audience and is continually interrupted by a seemingly overly politically correct producer.

Piers opens the advert by exclaiming: “Welcome to Piers Morgan Uncensored, it’s my new show where people can speak their minds.”

The producer added: “Sorry Piers? Some people don’t identify as people.”

Piers goes on to say: “It’s a place of big opinions,” but the producer interjects: “Sorry. That’s fat-ist.”

He starts to get agitated with the “snowflake” green juice drinking producer, saying: “You can find me on TalkTV. Straight talking, starts here.”

Before the producer can interrupt, Piers tells him to “shut up” and the advert comes to an end.

He uploaded the advert to his Twitter on 25 April, captioning it: “*TRIGGER WARNING* This new TV ad for @PiersUncensored will upset all whiny woke over-sensitive snowflakes…”

After 38 viewers complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, Piers uploaded a video to Twitter defending TalkTV and his show.

He sarcastically told the camera: “38 people watched that and were so distressed by what they watched that they felt they had to make an official complaint.

“They said the ad, was offensive as it was targeting a number of marginalised communities.”

He went on to say people thought he was “making light” of the discrimination people had faced. In a graphic, it outlined a quote from the Advertising Standards Authority which told of how most of the complaints regarded to people being upset by the line “some people don’t identify as people.”

Piers jibed: “Can you imagine complaining about that? Fortunately, common sense prevails.

“The Authority rejected these complaints. It was a victory for free speech, for sanity and in fact common sense.”

He concluded his monologue: “Piers Morgan remains Uncensored, and will always remain Uncensored.”

The Tweet was captioned: “Our TV advert has resulted in official complaints from 38 offended people. As you can imagine, Piers has something to say about that. @piersmorgan @TalkTV #piersmorganuncensored.”

And from the sounds of it, Piers has no intention to hold back any further.

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