Piers Morgan slams 'pathetic and cowardly' Prince Harry again for 'making millions' by 'trashing' the Royal Family

PIERS Morgan has slammed Prince Harry again following his latest explosive interview.

In his Apple TV docuseries with Oprah Winfrey, The Me You Can't See, Harry accused the Royal Family of "neglecting" Meghan Markle's mental health issues and driving him to "exhaustion" with work demands.

It prompted Piers to tweet: "Oh FFS. Is there no end to Prince Privacy's victimhood tour? Constantly abusing his family, knowing they can't respond, is so pathetic & cowardly. Man up, Harry – and shut up."

When a follower accused Piers of lacking empathy, he hit back: "What 'empathy' is Harry showing his family as he constantly trashes them in public? It's grotesquely unfair (they can't answer back) outrageously hypocritical, and he's making millions from doing it. THAT'S appalling."

Since moving to the US last year Harry's relationship with his family has become increasingly fractured.

Now in his most stinging interview yet, he said his royal duties left him burned out.

He said: "Towards my late 20s everything became really hectic for me, but to the point of exhaustion.

"I was travelling all over the place because, you know, from the family's perspective I guess I was the person who like ''we need someone to go there. Nepal, Harry you go''.

"I was always the yes man I was always the one willing to say yes. But that yes and yes and yes of course yes yes yes led to burnout."

Yesterday Piers called Meghan "Princess Pinocchio" and suggested The Duke of Sussex had a "chip on his shoulder" in another swipe.

It all started after Piers tweeted his admiration for Manchester United's Edinson Cavani after he scored an epic 40-yard lobbed goal against Fulham yesterday.

Alongside a clip of the goal, he wrote: "I’m not a United fan but to watch Cavani – who I love – score this utterly brilliant goal & then to see the fans going crazy in a stadium again to celebrate it is a beautiful thing."

One Twitter user was quick to comment replying: "Bet you wouldn’t call it a brilliant goal if Meghan Markle chipped the keeper from 35 yards."

Piers responded in witty fashion, writing: "The only chip Princess Pinocchio knows is the massive one on her husband’s shoulder…"

Earlier this week Piers slammed Harry, calling him a “spineless self-pitying twerp” after he said the First Amendment was “bonkers.”

Harry faced a backlash after complaining about the US constitution on a podcast, while admitting he doesn't fully understand it.

Piers claimed in the MailOnline that Harry is on “very dangerous territory” by bashing the US Constitution while living in America.

Blasting Harry, 36, Piers said: “Harry's gone from being a courageous war hero to a spineless whiny cry baby who blames his family for all his supposed woes and who like his wife, shamelessly and cynically weaponises issues like mental health and racism to silence critics.

 “Harry has lost his country, his dignity and now seems to be losing his mind too as he condemns everything from his grieving grandmother to free speech.

“It's time His Royal Hypocrite stopped abusing his family, stopped moaning about everything all the bloody time, stopped exploiting his royal titles for huge financial gain, stopped trashing America's constitution – and grew a pair.”

Dubbing him as the “Prince of Compassion” the presenter lashed out at the Duke by saying he had an "extraordinary amount of entitled arrogance" to question the First Amendment.

Previously Piers has demanded that the couple hand back their titles as they “despise” the Royal Family.

On Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, Harry blasted dad Charles’s parenting and said he moved to California to “break the cycle” of pain for wife Meghan and their kids.

In the sweary chat, he described royal life as a mixture of The Truman Show and being in a zoo.

The royal also revealed he wanted to quit royal duty when he was in his twenties, saying: “I didn’t want this job.”

Piers branded Harry’s outburst as “shameful” and berated him for “publicly hammering his father in public”.

He went on to call him "disgusting" for condemning the Queen and Prince Philip just weeks after his death.

Meanwhile, Piers also slammed "hypocrite" Meghan for her kids' book on the bond between a father and son – as he says she "ruined the ties between Charles and Harry".

The tale was inspired by a poem written for Archie for Harry's first Father's Day.

The long-term critic of the royal couple  said he "laughed out loud" after learning of the book and said the news is "beyond parody".

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