Power Book 2 season 2: Lorenzo death ‘sealed’ as spot glaring Kanan clue?

Power Book 2 – Ghost Season 2 teaser trailer

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Power’s hit crime spin-off Power Book II follows the Tejada family who own a successful drug organisation. The most recent episode titled ‘What’s Free’ saw the release of patriarch Lorenzo Tejada (played by Berto Colon) who was in prison for a murder charge. With his freedom taking fans by surprise, many of the Starz streamers have found similarities between him and Kanan Stark (50 Cent) and anticipate the Kingpin will suffer the same fate.

Taking to Reddit, user blueflaircop wrote: “After watching the new episode I really think Lorenzo is like a Kanan level player who’s going to be a force.

“He just came off a 10-year bid like Kanan and has that street knowledge but also that prison viscousness.

“He’s also clearly very observant and smart and was able to pick apart all of his kids and knew what was up with them.

They concluded: “He’s also like Kanan in that he’s fresh out and immediately wants to get the product and money flowing, the only difference is Lorenzo has way more of a support system with a family and everyone in place.”

In the original series of Power, Kanan was often mentioned despite being in prison and his son Shawn Stark (Sinqua Walls) was employed as Ghost’s (Omari Hardwick) driver.

Just like Lorenzo, Kanan was feared and eager to get back in the drug business to make quick money – no matter who got hurt.

However, Kanan had more enemies than Lorenzo, as it’s yet to be revealed if there is anybody who wants him dead.

Whereas, from prison, Kanan ordered the death of Ghost, unlike Lorenzo he didn’t have much support as viewers were only introduced to his son and cousin Jukebox (Anika Noni Rose).

Despite this, Kanan would soon jeopardise any chance of a support network after murdering Shawn and Jukebox.

In response to the Reddit theory, user Gh6st highlighted one major difference between the two kingpins: “Kanan seems a little smarter than Lorenzo is.

“Lorenzo got out after 10 years and is expecting everything to go back to how it was. He’s hopped right back in the streets.

“Kanan moved a lot smarter, he already had a crew set up that knew his true motives, and he got himself into Ghost’s crew by manipulating him and Tommy.”

The viewer added: “Kanan moved a lot more strategically when he first got out than Lorenzo did and Lorenzo doesn’t even realize he’s turning some of his own family against him.”

During his time in prison, Lorenzo’s wife, Monet Tejada (Mary J Blige) took out their drug business and managed her family with success.

Before he became free, she began to hatch a plan for her family to leave the life of crime behind them and become legit.

However, Lorenzo’s freedom pushed her desire out of sight, he was excited to be running things and demanded Monet took a step back and away from the business – even though he wasn’t as clued up as his wife.

Lorenzo’s urge to regain control of the business and demand respect from his crew could end on a sour note.

Fans will remember in season five of the original Power, Kanan met his demise after being set up by Ghost’s son Tariq St Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr).

With so many similarities with Kanan, Lorenzo could also be betrayed and set up, which could likely result in his death.

Although it would take a lot for Monet to be pushed to the point of setting her husband up, she isn’t the type to humbly back down.

Power Book II season 2 continues Sunday on Starz.

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