Professional dancer on the reason Matt Goss cant reach Strictly final

Matt Goss winces as he explains training injury struggle

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Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One on Saturday and the couples have now put Movie Week behind them as they prepare to learn new dances. Matt Goss and his partner Nadiya Bychkova will be taking on the Jive to All Shook Up by Paul McCartney. Professional dancer and Dancing with the Stars expert Gary Edwards told why he thinks Matt will not reach the final. 

The Strictly judges saw an improvement in Bros star Matt Goss during Movie Week and the singer admitted he finally felt the music running through him. 

He managed to avoid the dance-off, meaning Fleur East and Richie Anderson were left to fight for a place in the competition. 

Matt is taking on an upbeat Jive this weekend and he will be focusing hard on maintaining a high level of energy throughout. 

Dancing with the Stars expert Gary Edwards told that despite his entertaining performances, he may not have the skill to reach the final and lift the Glitterball Trophy. 

He explained: “Before the show, everyone was like ‘Matt, surely he must have learnt choreography?’

“I watched a lot of the Bros videos and he actually doesn’t dance a lot.

“He has that Vegas mentality and I was thinking he’s going to go into this thinking ‘I’m going to be in the final’.

“He’s not realising it’s a huge battle and it’s a whole new thing every week. It’s like starting again.

“The mentality is wrong. Definitely not in the final but he could go a lot further if he could just get his head sorted out as his head is in the wrong place.”

The pro dancer went on to explain how he thought Matt was “thinking about it too much”. 


He added: “At the moment I don’t see the connection with his partner, he’s over-trying so much and over-thinking everything.

“I just see him trying to remember his steps, I don’t see him actually dancing yet.

“I’m sure he’s putting in as much work as the others but he’s probably a bit of a perfectionist, he’s over-focusing on his steps and on show night you can see he is still watching her as much as possible for what she’s doing.”

Despite the observations, Gary did say he was a fan of Matt’s and hopes he does well in the competition.

He added: “He’s got everything there, it’s just right now he looks as if he’s an older man when he dances and he’s not.


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“His mentality is not in the right place right now.”

Viewers will have to wait and see whether Matt’s Jive shows signs of improvement as he relies less on his professional partner and trusts his instincts. 

Gary reflected on some of the other low-scoring performances from last week and assessed how well the contestants could fare in the future. 

Football legend Tony Adams and his partner Katya Jones were the standout couple from Movie Week after Tony danced to The Full Monty’s iconic track. 

Yet Gary said entertainment value may not get him to the final.

He shared: “Strictly is an entertainment show based on a dance competition and he’s very much towards the end of the entertainment.

“He’s brought a good personality, he could have a good crowd base and he’s doing dancing a great favour from that perspective.

“He’s putting all of his chips on the entertainment factor and I hope Katya can get him to dance as well.

“But he’s going to run into a new dance, if he runs into a tango or foxtrot, ouch. You can’t put comedy on everything.”

Strictly Come Dancing is back on BBC One on Saturday at 6.30pm. 

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