Real story behind The Crown as season five of the Netflix show airs

Netflix hit series The Crown is finally back on our screens after a year-long break following the dramatic finale of season four.

The show tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that shaped her reign, including how the personal lives of her family impacted the monarchy.

Throughout the upcoming series, viewers will watch as the Royal Family progress into 90s Britain with the 40th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne, Prince Charles and Princess Diana's divorce and the events of 1992 that Her Majesty once referred to as Annus horribilis.

But is The Crown based on true events and how much of the show is accurate? Here's everything you need to know.

Is The Crown based on true events?

While the show is based on true events, it's vital to remember that it comes with a heavy dose of drama.

The majority of the storylines that take place in The Crown happened behind closed doors, so it's impossible to know exactly how things played out and the intimate conversations between the Royal Family.

For example, in a past episode of The Crown, Diana is said to have infuriated Prince Charles for 'upstaging him' as she danced to Uptown Girl by Billy Joel at the Royal Opera House in 1985.

This scene did actually take place in real life, however, it was not captured on film.

When it comes to Prince Charles being disgruntled by his wife's dance, royal biographers have previously shared that he was unhappy about the event but the now-king has never publicly shared his discontent.

Did Princess Margaret want to be Queen?

Princess Margaret, the younger sister of the Queen, shared a rocky relationship with her majesty during The Crown, with the series showing a young Margaret stating that she wishes to be Queen.

However, there is no fact behind this comment on the show as Princess Margaret never publicly admitted that she wanted the title instead of her older sister.

Did an avalanche nearly kill Prince Charles?

In The Crown, a young Prince Charles is involved in an avalanche whilst skiing in the Swiss Alps and his friend Major Hugh Lindsay dies.

This incident actually took place in real life as the now-King danced with death whilst in Switzerland.

Out of the group, Mr Lindsay was the only skier who passed away.

Did the Queen forbid Princess Margaret to marry Peter Townsend?

In the series, the Queen forbids her younger sister to marry Peter Townsend as he was a divorcee.

In real life, this moment in time was more complicated for the loved up pair and the Monarch.

While the princess was initially forbidden to marry Peter Townsend (by Parliament, not the queen) she could have given up her spot in the line of royal succession to marry whoever she wanted.

However, Margaret decided to end the relationship and remain in the line of succession.

Did Princess Anne date Andrew Parker Bowles?

Princess Anne, the Queen's only daughter, did in fact date Andrew Parker Bowles for a short amount of time before he moved on with Camilla, who is now married to King Charles.

In the series, Princess Anne has an affair with Andrew Parker Bowles while Charles has an affair with Camilla Shand, Andrew's then-girlfriend.

However, this has been dramatised for entertainment purposes.

Princess Anne did briefly date Andrew in 1970 but it wasn't an extramarital affair and Camilla Shand was yet to meet Prince Charles.

The short-lived relationship between the princess and the army officer ended in 1973 and Camilla rekindled with her ex-boyfriend before marrying him.

The couple then divorced in 1995 as Camilla embarked on a serious relationship with Prince Charles.

Did Prince Phillip have an affair?

In the upcoming series, it is rumoured that The Crown will delve into 'an affair' that allegedly took place between Prince Phillip and close friend, Penelope Knatchbull.

However, there's no evidence that Prince Philip was ever unfaithful in his marriage to the Queen, despite often being referred to as a 'ladies man'.

Dickie Arbiter, who was the Queen's spokesperson from 1988 to 2000, previously told Majesty magazine: "The truth is that Penny was a long-time friend of the whole family. Netflix are not interested in people’s feelings. It’s in exceedingly bad taste."

Over the years, the Duke of Edinburgh was linked to multiple women, however, there was no evidence of a potential affair.

The fifth season of The Crown will also portray Princess Diana's death, which took place in Paris in August 1996, but it is currently unknown how the events will unravel during the series.

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