RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville downed three bottles of wine, popped Xanax, then slept for 15 hours, Ross Mathews claims – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville apparently drank three bottles of wine and a Xanax before passing out for 15 hours!

In Ross Mathews' upcoming book, Name Drop, obtained exclusively by The Sun, the TV personality told all about the boozy housewife's wild day- and night- at his home.

In his chapter 'The Brandi Glanville Story', Ross talked about the moment he and Brandi became friends and she accidentally passed out in his home after drinking three bottles of wine.

Ross first talked about how he met Brandi through his literary agent, Michael Broussard, who connected the two after Brandi expressed an interest in meeting him.

He said about their first meeting: "We scheduled happy hour immediately, and unlike most Hollywood types, she actually followed through."

He talked about how he also brought his boyfriend at the time, fashion stylist Salvador, to their happy hour and after learning of his job, she asked Salvador to style her for the RHOBH opening credits.

But when their styling date came, Brandi opted to just drink wine, despite having a full brunch buffet laid out.

He wrote: "There was one thing on my breakfast buffet that was on Brandi's diet. You guessed it: She grabbed the bottle of wine and said, 'But I will have some of this!'"

He continued: "As more outfits were rotated in and out, I noticed that her bra wasn't the only thing missing – the wine was gone, too. She held up the empty bottle and asked, 'Do you have any more?'"

They kept on trying dresses and drinking and before they knew it, she had gone through a second bottle of wine.

After they had settled on an outfit, Ross recounts that Brandi celebrated by opening a THIRD bottle.

He said: "At this point, I felt a twinge of panic and didn't quite know what to do, but even though a word or two was being slurred here and there, Brandi still seemed okay, grabbing away and twirling in her new ensemble."

Ross then goes on about how she popped one Xanax pill and downed it with more wine before becoming "a full-on friggin' Real Houswife mess", who was slurring her words and losing her clothes.

She made her way into Ross and his boyfriend's bed and proceeded to pass out for 15 hours before waking up "cheerfully" the next day at 6:30 a.m.

He also opened up about how the situation didn't scare him but rather solidified their bond. The two are still friends.

Brandi has previously been spotted by paps looking a little disheveled after drinking too much.

Daily Mail once reported she had to be carried out by some friends from a restaurant.

She later took to Twitter to talk about the situation and wrote: "Sorry for my tweet I just realized the only people I owe explanations to are my family.

"I’m not 25 my body isn’t perfect and I got wasted I’m sure it’s happened to plenty of you however you don’t have people taking your picture and putting on the internet."

Brandi has recently been involved in some Real Housewife drama after revealing that she and Denise Richards were supposedly having an affair.

This created some drama with rumors swirling that Denise would leave the show – though she shut those down recently – and some of the other housewives claiming that Brandi only said that to be brought back on the show.

The Sun, later on, got exclusive photos of Brandi with rumored new man, Gary Grant.

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