RHONJ star Teresa Giudice ditches marital bed she shared with ex Joe in massive makeover on $2M New Jersey mansion – The Sun

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice ditched the marital bed she shared with ex Joe.

Her interior designer detailed the massive makeover on her $2M New Jersey mansion.

Designer Jimmy DeLaurentis told E!: "She was like my house needs a lot of work, it's dark, it's filled with old Italian stuff, Joe is gone.

"She was just like, I need to feel lighter in this house. It's a huge house, everything was doom and gloom and dark, and she had memories of a lot of stuff and she just wanted to brighten it up."

To start with Jimmy updated the furniture with "really sexy" pieces to go along with her new single style.

He explained: "I have the two huge sofas and the two huge ottomans in the great room, and then we have some additional furniture in the foyer."

That change started in Teresa's bedroom.

Jimmy revealed: "She has a new bed. She went to one store, one shop and bought all of this furniture 18 or 19 years ago and she was like, I have got to get rid of that.

"She is in a whole different place now than she was then.

"She is doing amazing, working her ass off."

Jimmy went on: "She took me through the house room by room, and she said, you see this, this needs to go, and it's a monster house. She wanted a whole new feel.

"And I said the first thing you got to do is lighten up all these walls, and the windows had these big heavy drapes.

"She called a painter that day and the painters were there, and I walked the painters through the house that very same day."

However, the majority of the work has been put on hold because of the coronavirus.

He said "We started that a little bit, but it's on pause. We'll start it back up again when this is all over.

"We'll go back in the house when we can and put in my custom furniture, and I picked chandeliers, cocktail tables, rugs, artwork, these huge lamps I want to put all over the place and we're going to incorporate a grand piano.

"We have beds, but no one is allowed in the house right now. But Teresa is always like, when is my furniture coming?"

Teresa's estranged husband, Joe, now lives in his native Italy.

The two share four daughters, Gia, 19, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10.

His final appeal against deportation was denied in April.

Previously, Teresa and Joe, both served jail time for fraud charges.

He was transferred to ICE detention center after serving the 41-month sentence, and he was released from ICE that October.

The couple announced their separation in December, and in April Teresa's brother confirmed their divorce is nearly complete.

Teresa and their daughters visited him in Italy in November 2019, and their daughters returned to Italy in December to spend the holidays with him.

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